Trying to open a business and dissabled access issues

We are hoping to open a salon de the and have applied for change of use to the building.

We are asked to fill in forms relating to safety & dissabled access. From my understanding, the forms we fill in basically are asking us if we comply or not, and if not, in what way we don't comply.

This all sounds good enough until you search and find the myriad regulations relating to safety & access this on the government website. So the forms we have to fill in do not ask specific questions about specific issues, they just ask us to declare the issues on which we do not comply.

As you can imagine, it is virtually impossible for us to understand all of these regulations (regardless of the language), let alone comment on where we fail to comply.

My worry is that if we just sign and return the foms then they may in the future accuse us of not declaring our non compliance.

Has anyone any experience in this please



thank you for your advice Pamela.

I am really looking for advice as to whether anyone has experience in filling in the forms relating to exoneration from compliance.



Hi Geoff, are you trying to get a disabled 'label' for the building? From what I understand there are several levels of handicap for tourism (and this probably also applies to building use) - auditive, mental, visual, motor. In order to comply with regulations you need to have certain things in place. For instance, if you want to comply with visual disability, do you have braille signs, safety ropes, and so on. Have you thought of asking Caroline Knight for assistance? email me if you'd like her contact details.