Trying to register our house as a second home

Hi all, been trying without success to register our cottage, we are UK resident and so this is our second home I have my Numero Fiscal but cannot seem to get anywhere and do not speak much French. Any suggestion please

You’re trying to register it where? Not sure there is a register of holiday homes, maybe ask your notaire or mairie .

Maybe because of the tax issues?

I declared that our house in Burgundy was no longer a maison secondaire concerning Mrs. W last year.
It’s been my maison principale for a few years now.

ImpĂ´ - N0 fiscal - pass word
Biens immobilier
Then click on how you want to declare
Btw I live in France but imagine the same process for anyone.

It is the new declaration of biens which we all have to do before end of June. With the abolition of taxe d’hab for all but second homes the fisc is wanting people to confirm who lives in houses registered to you. Or not as case might be.

Have you already set up your espace particulier on the impĂ´ts site? As that I think you need to do first.

That’s how I did it for Mrs W.

It’s the homeowner form Declaration d’occupation. As I still have to pay the full tax as it is not our main home.I have tried entering my Fiscal Number but get a message I think that I have to register but dont know how.

These are the Deepl translated instructions. And below is a link to the actual french page and 2/3rds way down is the hyper link in blue to the form you need.

As a non-resident, how do you create your personal space?
You are a non-resident and do not have a personal space.

If you are subject to income tax, or an adult attached to a tax household
You can create your personal space yourself using the three identification elements that appear on your tax documents:

your tax number: this is made up of 13 digits and appears at the top of the first page of your last tax return and on the main tax documents sent to you (income tax and local tax notices, etc.).
your online access number: this appears on the first page of your latest tax return. This number changes every year. Enter the number shown on the last tax return received.
and your reference tax income: this can be found on the first page of your last income tax return in the “Your references” box. It can also be found in the details of your tax assessment under the heading “Additional information”, if it does not appear in the “Your references” box (particularly if you have received a tax rebate notice).

If you do not have this information
You can only request the creation of a personal space if :

you have income subject to withholding tax,
or if you have a tax number but are not liable for income tax (for example, you are liable for council tax or property tax).
In both these cases, you must click on this form on the website.

You will be asked for the following information

your civil status,
your postal address abroad,
and a copy of a proof of identity.
Once your identity has been verified, you will be sent an e-mail indicating that you can create your personal space by entering your tax number and your date of birth on the authentication page of this site.

You will then have to enter your e-mail address and a password that you have chosen. You will then receive an e-mail containing a link which you must click on within 24 hours to validate access to your personal space.

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