Tummy troubles on the increase

Gastroenteritis is on the increase.

Not clear whether this arises from lack of hygiene (handwashing) or poor conditions for storing foodstuffs…

Whatever - take care everybody…

I thought “gastro’s” were like taxes, in that they are obligatory & unavoidable…at least in France

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But understand the numbers. The scale is in cases per hundred thousand, so there is a very good chance you won’t get ill.

116,546 new cases in mainland France in just one week … with Nouvelle Aquitaine having the biggest increase in numbers… I’ll stick with eating at home for the next few days… :thinking: :hugs:

If it’s the norovirus which is very prevalent at this time if the year it is transmitted by every possible route, touch (direct contact including skin to skin, kissing etc), sneezing and coughing, inhalation of droplets, body fluids (contact with vomit or loose stools which are common symptoms), contaminated items such as plates, cutlery, kitchen or bathroom surfaces, tea towels, and not just food and drink. It is highly infectious.

so stop breathing everyone :crazy_face:

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It’s probably too late for that to work now…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Peter… it’s not the vomiting bug… it is gastroenteritis… neither of them is much fun… :thinking:

Gastro-entérites is médical jargon for vomiting and diarrhoea, if it’s endemic and seasonal it’s likely to be the norovirus which causes vomiting and diarrhoea i.e. gastro-entérites.

How can you be sure? :thinking::zipper_mouth_face:


I’ve not had any gastric upsets of any note for years…at the first signs of diarrhoea (in me or my dogs) I would take (give them) homeopathic arsenicum at 30c and any signs of indigestion I would take homeopathic nux vomica at 30c…homeopathic phosphorous at 30c quickly controls vomiting…

Just some of the Homeopathic remedies I would never be without…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Peter… the medical boffins are the ones who name these various afflictions… and they are definitely differentiating between the two… :zipper_mouth_face: :wink:

The Vomiting Bug has been and gone (from around here at least) … now Gastroenteritis is on the rise… diarrhea and stomach ache… yuk

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I reckon that, over the years and silently, the remedies have replaced your alimentary system with a gleaming set of stainless steel pipes, valves and chambers that deal with your diet and will never give you grief.

It’s the phosphorus and arsenic that does the trick. They also strengthen your goddess qualities of resolve, loyalty and fighting spirit Helen! :hugs::star2::smiley:

And the dogs’ of course!

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The NHS Website does say that Gastroenteritis is a collective term for the symptoms of D&V the majority of which is caused by Norovirus but not all . In a domestic situation knowing which virus has caused the symptoms doesn’t really matter ,but in hospital you could test because of the virulence

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Here in France… the medics do differentiate… since “throwing-up” and “dashing to the loo” are not necessarily the same event… :rofl:

TBH the viruses can all affect people differently and without a lab It would be hard to say what the cause was

It is difficult. The Schools had been warned about the vomiting bug… and thankfully our local one managed to avoid it… although the next town had several kids suffering.

Diarrhea is due to hit… but with the schools closed we hope to avoid that one too… :thinking: :wink:

Absolutely… here in France… when there is any sort of outbreak the labs test like mad… no time wasted… very impressive.

I’ll ask my daughter, she a French speaking doctor :mask: :nauseated_face:

Unfortunate phrasing :flushed::confounded:

Happy New Year to one and all.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I’m sure your daughter can tell the difference between vomiting and diarrhea in both languages … :thinking:

all joking apart… good to hear she is a Doctor… is she a GP or Specialist ??