Turnaround from CFE on KBIS

Does anyone have an idea what is the turnaround to receive a KBIS from the CFE? I am so close to getting my business open. Have the SIRET, completed the stage, and got the Permis d'Exploitation -- however this morning when I went to the Maire I was told I needed a KBIS. Of couse, why didn't I know that, lol? So, I applied to the CFE for the KBIS and am wondering what to expect. I'm against time pressures as I need three weeks to activate my licence and our annual festival is in five weeks. If I am not open, I lose a lot of opportunity for the second year in a row.

nightmare, keep your chin up ;-)

So, Andrew - a bit of an update. On the plus side, the CFE is fast by anyone's standard. I applied on Thursday and received a response via La Poste on Friday. Unfortunately, with all the hurdles, things were delayed so long that my Visa expired a week ago. I've applied for the Carte de Sejour, but it's been about six weeks and from what I read will likely take quite a few more. So, after all that, we are back on hold and will miss the second summer. Very sad, but so it goes.

If things work out and the French decide I can stay and allow my husband to come, perhaps I''ve identified an idea for another business. I will continue my local reputation as the crazy American who works all the time by taking on another job.

First time I've heard of a test at the end of a stage like that - ouch!

and yes it's incredibly complicated for the french too - my (french) OH is completely lost in everything we're doing as I do everything and she follows - but there's no check list anywhere as it's different for each and every different business...! Best of luck, I'm sure it'll be a real success ;-)

What would we all do without you, Andrew.

Just as an aside, there was a test for my stage. Not sure if it was a required test or a informational test. My instructor talked so fast that I understood maybe half of what he said. Many of the questions were from information that was discussed, not included in the materials or the slides projected. I managed to answer a fair number of questions, but goodness - talk about a minor panic attack! However, it's just made me more determined. I'm going back for the HAACP training in October and I'm going to study like crazy before I go.

I asked my teacher if there was a place that people could go to get an entire checklist of what was required when someone wanted to start a business. He looked at me like I was daft. I have to imagine this is complex, even to the French. Or maybe they just all know?

quick by French standards Donna, 3 to 7 days after the dossier has been registered - I'd phone or call into your cfe to chase it if needed ;-)