Turning carparks into mushroom farms and other stuff

Seems a great idea… wonder what else they can grow.:thinking:

"Turning Paris’s underground car parks into mushrooms farms

What do you do with an old car park that no-one wants to park in? Why not use them to grow mushrooms - or even salad?

Paris built too many underground car parks in the 1960s and 70s. Falling car ownership means many are standing empty, or finding new and surprising uses."

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Not a new idea Stella - been doing it in Bordeaux for a couple of years.


It’s new as far as the BBC is concerned… they posted it yesterday.
"Produced, filmed and edited by digital reporter Dougal Shaw in La Chapelle, north Paris.

11 Oct 2019"

I tried to put the link, but it would not work, so I put an earlier link from April …which is not as good as the BBC film, sadly.

The selection of mushrooms is amazing and they are growing chicory as well - and whatever else grows well in such dark conditions… great idea for otherwise wasted space. Nice to think that the Paris restaurants can offer really local produce…

Not detracting from Bordeaux… but I can’t read their article without paying for the privilege.

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Cheers Paul… I copied the link from the bar… and it just gave me a blacked-out camera… ooops.

Anyway… well done… it is an interesting little film.

so what happened to “go sober for October” @Stella

Not sure I ever signed up for that… although, I’ve not been tippling quite so much of late, as it happens… :laughing:

(I meant the https:// bar)

Appears Paris and Bordeaux both started in 2017

Here are details of the Bordeaux Mushroom “farm”

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Maybe the underground car park at the house of commons could be converted. The mushrooms could thrive on all the bullshit :joy:


No, that’s the populace - you know the old saw?

Q. Why are “the people” like mushrooms?

A. Because they are kept in the dark and fed on sh*t!

They have been farming mushrooms in the catacombs etc under Paris for ages - that’s why those white button mushrooms are called champignons de Paris.


Thanks @vero
I never realised that was the reason why.:mushroom:
The Paris Mushroom: History and Culture - PARISCityVISION?

Well, that took me down a very interesting internet rabbit hole. Thanks for this share Stella.

I love the button mushrooms. I knew they came from Paris but did not know where they were grown.

They seem to be raising a wider range of fungi in the carparks…