TV Aerial Install - transmitter locations?

Hi - I am trying to install a TV aerial without success at the moment, does anyone know of a website that has a map of transmitter locations so I can see which way to point it.

Try this one, Mat, you may well need an amplificateur too :wink:

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Copy the locals?

Sorted, thanks for the help.

That works when they’re all pointing the same way, I have the choice of 3 !

I was installing in the attic so it was plenty of guesswork as to direction - I even plotted the transmitter from @an_droo link and used Google Earth to give me a clue as to where it should point.


Possible if you are between 3 masts. One could be vertically polarised and one horizontally polarised and the othe just wrong :joy: depends on the transmitter or repeater station. Maybe 1 of the 3 got blown off course during a storm. Put up a new aerial for my Mum the other week in a very poor reception area (Dover) and some of her neighbours favoured Essex and just like your area, some just wrong.

We’re really badly place between 3 masts, non perfect and all need an ampli to work. We’re also in a zone blanche for the mobile phone! :frowning:

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We also had the phone issue, on a clear day you could get 2G! Trip before last (2019 hahaha) they have a 4G signal that is fast enough to run streaming from my phone. Keep your fingers crossed it may happen to you at some point :crossed_fingers:

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I was installing in the attic today - blimey it was hot!

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You and me both, in the UK fitting cold water tank phew around 34c

That’s what I did, or at least tried to do, but we have a very high stand of trees starting within 10 metres of the chimney pot which completely blanks the signal. Fortunately there is a clear path to the satellite in the south east. :slightly_smiling_face: