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Hi new to survive France and have a holiday home in Aude. Last year my tax d’habitation included a charge for a TV. This year it did not. Do you have to advise the authorities every year that you have a TV?

Hi Margery and welcome.
Normally, the TV licence fee is automatically included and you have to tell “them” if you don’t have one. There are exclusions, but I don’t think they apply to second home owners.

You could do one of 2 things, …the obvious one :zipper_mouth_face:, or go to your local tresor and tell them you have a TV and pay the fee.

Hello Margery… and welcome…

In France… there is a presumption that a TV is present.

It is odd that you were charged last year… and not this year… Are you paying for a TV somewhere else in France ???

Sadly, if they have not charged even though they should have… it is up to you to point out the mistake. Not a good idea to let it go… even if you are tempted.

I am wondering what has changed since last year ???

Anyway… as Mark has suggested… you need to go and tell them… email if necessary. Better not to be wondering if/when they will come tapping on the door…:thinking:

NB: I have to pay, even though I cannot receive TV… I simply use the TV to play dvd’s/videos… but it is still disignated as a “receiver”… ie capable of receiving if I had an aerial etc. :thinking:

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Margery… please can you let us know how you get on… :grin:

There is a box on your income Tax form - to tick - about having /not having a TV
I believe one only pays 1 Taxe Audio-Visuel if you have 2 homes
Old people , after a certain age, do not get charged …

We are waiting to learn what has changed since last year… on the face of it… Margery talks about a holiday home… which hints that she may not be Resident in France…

Unless, @Tim_Blake … you are talking about the possibility of only needing to pay for 1 x TV per household… across Europe… :thinking:

Thank you all. The house for us is a holiday home where we live for about 3 months of the year and the rest of the year in Scotland. Last year’s tax d’habitation included the TV. This year it did not and to be honest I did not pick this up. We bought 2nd TV last year and have since received a letter saying we did not advise them we had bought TV. Obviously to me, as it was paid last year for the first TV, I assumed everything was in order. We have emailed the relevant dept and they say they will bill us in July. Now that begs the question are we covered from January to July! I think email ping pong will commence in January.


They have acknowledged you have a TV and will Bill you in July… means just that… you can use the TV no problem…

You will receive a Bill, sometime in/after July which will be for the sum due… (perhaps from when you bought the 2nd TV, who knows)… whatever… no worries…

so, YES… you can use the TV with impunity… yippee…

(Keep the email correspondence (for your records) until you receive the Bill… but no need for you to send any further emails.)

(just wondering, did you keep the first TV or get rid of it ???)

Many thanks. The second tv was for my husband’s “man cave”.

Then it is worth every penny that it costs.:smile: