Tv licences

at what age does one become except from paying french tv licence ?

AFAIK exemption from paying TV licence comes as part and parcel of being exempt from paying taxe d’habitation. So basically, over 60 but only if your income is low enough to qualify.

and does anyone know that figure based on a married couple, thankyou

A TV licence is a TV licence, the price doesn’t change because two of you watch it :slight_smile:



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When a French Tax Declaration is done by you… from the information you have given thereon…the system gets to work… and anything to which you are entitled…(eg TV Licence exemption) … will be noted and acted upon automatically.

So, whatever your income and age… if you are entitled to NOT pay something… then they will NOT charge you. :grin:

anna, i meant the earnings, not the price of a licence, but thankyou

stella, i do know that, but it wasnt charged for one year, then started
again, with the same income, but thankyou

was the year it was not charged… the first year you were here ?? 'cos it can take them a year to catchup with things… :wink:

another thing… a friend ticked the box (in error) to say NO TV … (thinking she was saying Yes TV)… then wondered why she was not charged… soon put that right… phew… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Doh, I see now. Sorry, I think the sun scambled my brain. :dizzy_face:

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stella, no. charged me for 3/4 years then missed 1, then carried on the following year, think i will have to go and see them

Laurie the 2017 maximum RFR (taxable revenue) limits for exoneration from Taxe d’Hab are 10,708 € for the first ‘part’ plus an additional 2,859 € for each additional ‘half-part’.

I panicked on year when we didn’t receive a Taxe d’Hab bill…so I queried it…they simply smiled, shrugged their shoulders and said our Income was insufficient that particular year… phew…I had imagined being carted off to the guillotine…:fearful:

so,perhaps that is your situation in the year you were not charged… allowances do change every year it seems… so you may be lucky and not have to pay…let’s hope so. :blush:

thankyou all for your very helpful replies