TV License after January


We currently don't pay for our TV license on the Tax D'Habitation as we do not have a TV or any means of watching a TV at our house in France. This has been approved by the tax department.

We don't want to pay for a TV license until we actually have a TV at the house - obviously.

What I want to know is if you get a TV after 1 January (date on declaration) say half way through the year do you just wait until the next Tax D'Habitation to pay the license or do you pay for a license for part of the year. If you get a company such as Orange out to install TV services, do they advise the Tax Department. Just trying to do everything by the book to avoid any fines but don't want to pay for the license until we actually have a TV at the house.

Many thanks

I think I have made the position clear about how TV licence revenue is collected and paid for.

My only other comment is this; ANY type of computer micro or otherwise connected to the internet is an assimilated receiving device.This is the same as in the UK. I have to say less chance of getting caught, but as more and more TV is relayed over the net, ISPs will monitor. I would like to see anyone argue it out with French authorities.

Jo, This has come up before.

You do NOT have to pay the TV licence (Redevance Audiovisuel) if you only watch TV on a microcomputer and do not have any kind of TV (or TV recorder or similar equipment) that is equipped with a TV tuner. See What is really odd is that the licence still isn't payable if the microcomputer is equipped with a TV card (which would include dongles.)

You probably do have to confirm to the authorities every year that you don't have any TV device, other than a computer. (It's my view that an old VCR that can't receive modern digital TV signals should be treated as not having a tuner. I think that this could be the case where the VCR is kept for watching old tapes.)

I answered that for you Jo,, You wait for next invoice.

Thanks everyone. I know you have to pay for a TV license if you have the means of watching TV (even if is via the Internet) and am happy to pay the license - not trying to wrought the system. Was more just wondering of what happened if you didn't have a TV and hadn't paid the TV license with your tax then you did get a TV whether you just let it slide until the next tax bill came in and then paid for the license.

That has always been the case since day dot, same in UK, but as I have already said it makes no difference as every household is billed. A bit like bins collection, everyone pays including those who insist they dont.

Don Duca is correct if you buy a tv in France, the gvt is informed and you will have to pay

Every Household is billed regardless of whether or not you have a TV. It is up to you each year to make statement on Honour that you shouldn't pay and why (included on invoice). The law was changed about 2004 time, to stop so many not paying.Very clever system.

I could be mistaken, but I think the merchant that you purchase a TV or taxable media electronics from notifies the government of the sale. The government then bills you for that once a year, but sometimes they miss a year or two (?). I never notified the government after I purchased a TV, and had no knowledge that I should, but the bill arrived in the mail a few months later. I pay nothing for any cable or satellite provider and get the French stations from a conventional roof top antenna.

Thank you Clive. Maybe its wishful thinking

Hello Danuta,, I dont know where these people get their info from, think they make it up.

You pay whether its English , French, chine or any other TV.

I have heard that you only pay to receive French TV not English. Does anyone know if that's correct?

The whole concept of a TV license is bizarre. Should you pay for one if you have a large screen for a computer on which you watch streamed media?
The difusion of information should not be taxed by the government.

All the smart people who think they can Watch TV in France for free will get found out. The Gov arnt daft.

you wait for the following year, then you dont tick the box, meaning you have tv.

I do not know where you are in France? but my Husband works with a British company that installs equipment for you to receive British TV in France, no need for the French to know what this is? It is a special service (of course, payer,) as far as we know the French do not know about this, it is a large company based in U.K.

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Yes, if you have any equipment that is capable of receiving TV programs, you are liable for the Audio Visuel contribution.

I wonder as more people are now getting tv via the internet after the satellite “move” should they pay for the licence at all?