TV Providers

We are just in the process of moving out of our temporary appartment in Villefranche sur Saone and into our house in the country that we have been rennovating for the past year.

At the appartment we use FREE for our TV, internet and telephone and have just contacted them to change to the new address. Unfortunatly - although not entirly surprisingly - whilst we can transfer the telephone and Internet they do not provide TV in the location of our new house.

So I need to find a company that I can contact to provide just TV - any suggestions?

I don't want anything flash just the normal french TV channels and access to SKY News, as I have now, for when I want to keep abreast of things back home.

Many thanks


The reason you can't get TV on the ADSL/cable link is because out in the sticks you don't have enough bandwidth.

So you need to receive your TV via an antenna.

A conventional "toast-rack" TV antenna (called a "rateau" (=rake) in French) can be used to receive TNT (Télévision Numérique Terrestre) with most of the free French TV channels provided you are not in a shadow zone with no signals. Your TV if fairly recent will have a built-in receiver, if not you'll need a cheap set-top box.

Alternatively you can receive the same channels from a satellite with a dish ("parabole") and a satellite set-top box.

You can also receive UK Freeview satellite channels on a dish, but since they are carried on a different satellite you'll need two dishes or one dish with an off-set LNB (the lump on the end of a stick on the dish).

Setting all this up is well within the competence of a DIY, but if you aren't happy climbing on roofs you can ask a local TV antenna provider who will know the signal coverage in the area and will install the kit quickly using better signal strength meters than the beepers available to the DIYer. look up "antenne satellite" in the Pages Jaunes.

You may find some useful information in this discussion, Martin.