TV TNT decoders

We have a Sky satellite box and until a few weeks ago we could pick up French TV with our aerial and the Sky analogue programmes all through our Sky box.

We purchased the new TNT high definition receiver to watch French digital TV and now we cannot receive the Sky analogue if the aerial is plugged into the decoder.We have to take the aerial out of the decoder and plug it into the TV if we want to watch Sky.

Do we need a different decoder?


You seem a bit confused; there are no such things as “Sky analogue programes” - Sky is an entirely digital service supplied via satellite broadcasts, received via a dish.

TNT is a French digital terrestrial service (i.e. from land based transmitters) & is received via an aerial.

The services do not mix; your Sky box needs to be connected to it’s dish to receive incoming broadcasts, & then to your TV via an HDMI or SCART connexion. Your TNT decoder needs to be connected to a suitable aerial & then to your TV via HDMI or SCART. If your TV is modern enough to have an HD tuner built in there is no need for a separate TNT decoder.

This all assumes you aren’t trying to receive French TNTSAT broadcasts - that kind of decoder would require a separate dish, or clever mulitple LNBs on your existing Sky dish.

Sky boxes do have the ability to send an RF TV signal to a remote TV via a standard coaxial cable. Maybe this is where you are getting in a muddle?

Dear Jonathan.
Many thanks your your response.
You are correct in saying I am confused.
Before the TNT introduction we used to receive French television with a
French aerial plugged through our Sky box.
On our Sony remote I would press the Digital button to receive French TV
and the Analogue button to receive Sky.
Hence I assumed Sky was analogue.
Now this is not possible. To receive French TV I have to unplug the aerial
from the TV and plug it in to the TNT coder and select HDM1. Then I have
French TV.
This is a performance and all I want to do is to switch between the two on
my remote.
Can you kindly help?.
Hoping all this makes sense.
Kind regards.

If you have your two sources connected to the TV then you simply change inputs via the TV remote control (e.g. HDMI 1 = Sky, HDMI 2 = TNT). No need to replug anything. If you now require the separate TNT decoder to get French TV then plugging the aerial directly into the TV achieves nothing.

I’m guessing you had to get a TNT HD decoder since the switch off of all SD TV in France?

Hi .
Still confused.
I am a luddite.
I had to get the decoder because of the switch off.
Do I plug the aerial which carries the Sky signal and the French signal
into the TNT decoder?
Do I then need 2 leads from the decoder-one into HDMI and the other into
Kind regards.

Sky box via satellite - tv hdmi 1 socket

Tnt box via aerial - tv hdmi 2 socket

OK, do you have just one “aerial” lead? If so you might have a merged signal (where the satellite dish feed is merged on to the same cable as the TV aerial). In this instance you need a frequency splitter to unmerge the frequencies. These are readily available at anywhere selling electrical installation materials. This example is a Legrand Niloé 664756:

(other brands are available).

This allows you to take the satellite signal outof the “F” connector, & the TV/TNT from the coaxial side. Some have a third outlet for radio frequencies, but you don’t need that (though they tend to be more readily available & will do the job).

After that it’s a simple matter of assigning an input for each box, as said before.

If they weren’t confused before…

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I can’t believe how complicated such a simple scenario has become.

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I’m sorry if trying to explain something & offering possible solutions is deemed too complicated (though it isn’t). Maybe I shouldn’t bother to try & help. My problem is that the original information is confusing.

Sorry, it wasn’t your reply that was complicated it’s the scenario in general. As uou have pointed out the OP needs to be clearer about his problem. Bringing a satellite signal and a signal from a TNT receiver into a reasonably modern TV isn’t rocket science after all.


Dear Jonathan
Thank you for your e-mails. Apologies for not replying sooner as have been
very busy in the last 2 days.
Let me try and explain our set up here.
The Digibox is located some way away from the TV’s. There are two input
aerials into the box- one for French TV and the other for Sky.
There is one output aerial that serves 4 TV’s around the house.
When we watch French TV it is always in the Kitchen some 10 metres from the
box. We are trying to link the TNT decoder to the TV in the kitchen.
As I explained earlier to watch French TV we have to take the aerial out of
the TV and plug it into the decoder and select HDM1.
To return to SKY we have to reverse the process.
The Decoder has one HDM output and a Scart output.
Hope this explains our set up.
Should the decoder be going directly in to the Digibox and if so how?
Kind regards.

May I ask a simple question? Your TNT decoder, does it pick up a signal from your TV aerial or your satellite dish? Can you also explain what you mean when you say that there is one output aerial that serves four TVs around the house.

The output lead from the digibox serves 4 points around the house. 3
bedrooms and the kitchen.
The TNT decoder picks up the signal from the TV aerial in the kitchen.

What is the output lead from the digibox to the kitchen TV? The TNT signal for French TV in the kitchen should be independent of the satellite system, the signal from the aerial should enter the TNT box then go to the TV via a Scart lead or HMDI. You select the relevant source from the controller, the satellite input should be another source.