TV via VPN

I have a VPN in order to watch iPlayer on my computer.
But my computer is very slow … and my TV a bit old.
So I am thinking - new computer and /or TV.
Question : can I buy a UK TV in the UK which has iPlayer installed and somehow connect it via ethernet to my VPN ? - missing out the middleman - the computer !
(for clarity, I must add that for health reasons, I do not use wi-fi in my home - hence the comment ‘connect it via ethernet’)
thanks in advance

What VPN provider?

it is a subscription service Paul which allows you to lie about the location of your computer. So for example, even though you are in France, you can make it appear that you are in the UK - and hence get iPlayer.

Yes, I didn’t ask what a VPN is.

I asked what VPN provider you use.

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You may need to buy a vpn router to use inbuilt BBC iplayer.

Unless you have a router/ modem that can can change its IPN your stuck with a computer or Android box

I use Strong Peter and I must say I am very happy with their service.
Recently when BBC woke up to what people are doing, they blocked the normally used IP address so I could not get iPlayer; I simply told Strong and they gave me a new IP address.

Thanks Graha and Mat - I think this is the route I need to take but it is stratching my knowledge.
I presently have a new Orange box (provided by SOSH) andI don’t know if it can change its IP address. Does anyone her know?
If I need to buy, as Mat suggest a vpn router, has anyone any experience of this?

The somewhat simpler method is to use a DNS service rather than a VPN. VPN are “slow” in comparison and usually need a download - whereas the DNS service is a simple exercise in changing some numbers in the TV/laptop menus. A DNS doesn’t have the privacy of some VPN’s but on the whole they work much better for TV.
If you search smartdns or similar you will find plenty of options. In a nutshell I set a Samsung TV inside 10 minutes - make sure the TV allows you access to the DNS settings - then just follow some instructions from the provider.
You can make routers work but its a pain in the backside - you can buy preconfigured routers that make it simpler but once you switch out an orange box I have no idea what else it impacts - you can also piggy back a router with VPN off the main Orange box and just use that router for TV/radio but I gave that up as too much like hard work.

VPN are a bit yesterdays solution for TV - DNS as I say are usually faster - less lag - no downloads - on the whole I’ve found it a more reliable solution. A VPN routes your connection via a third party - DNS is literally some numbers that tells the BBC I’m in the UK. I used VPN for years - changed when people started blocking them - but you should try a DNS on trial ann see what you think

DNS redirect services require less set-up and might be a good match for Geoff’s situation depending on how configurable his router is; you have to be able to alter the DNS server IP address that the router gives out to computers (and TVs etc) on the LAN but that should be all you need to do.

However these services still have to make the connection that the BBC sees appear to originate in the UK, so there can’t be a direct connection between your French IP address and the BBC. How the service provider does that is hidden from the user and could well be a VPN, although they could also use a “proxy” approach where a connection is made on your behalf via an IP address in the UK.

Of course they are just as vulnerable to the BBC spotting the IP address in use and blocking it.