Hi everyone, I have been doing a conversation class at our local Wine college (was asked to do it due to specialist wine language) and now have to invoice them. Problem is, I am TVA registered for my real job, so does anyone know what the rate of TVA should be? Or is it exempt? If in doubt I will just invoice them for 'prestation oenotouristique' but that attracts the full 20% rate which I am hoping to avoid if possible as they have told me what they are paying, which is 20€ for the hour. When I add on my 50km round trip, it's not exactly going to make me rich anyway but I'd rather not give the govt any of it if poss.

Thanks to anyone that can help.

thanks Tracy

Hi Jemima,

I stuck with the 20% rate and decided it most certainly wasn't my metier as they say.

When I registered for TVA I went to see the Director de Services des impots des Societes at the Hotel des Impots and got the details direct from the horses mouth. Fortunately he was really helpful so I would recommend you do the same.


Did you ever find out what the rate should be? I've just registered as a 'centre de formation agréé' which is great because companies can get reimbursed by the government. However, I've just found out I have to charge TVA which I've never done before because I am under the micro-entreprise regime. What's involved and what are the implications? Do I have to include this in my turnover (I'm fast reaching my limit for this year)?

thanks, Jemima

That's often the problem with teaching, Tracy, and why I would only teach for the CCI or IUT (40€ an hour). I think you're in for the 20% tva rate. Not sure though as I did all my teaching under the vacataire or indépendant (AE) status where tva wasn't an issue. I'm sure they have a way of paying you under a vacataire type status where there's no tva involved - they pay you their standard vacataire rate and take care of your chanrges sociales etc except it'd come out costing them double :-O

Best phoning the compta direct, they must know ;-)