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The question of the usefulness or otherwise of social media like facebook and twiter came up on a thread the other day. I guess that no matter what our personal opinion, they are part of the here and now. It got me thinking, how much attention is it appropriate to pay to what our leaders say on twitter, and is it reasonable to judge them on what they say and don’t say and how they come across?
For instance, compare and contrast: - comes across, to me, as a thinking, sincere person with a lot to say on a lot of subjects - ditto, wide range of interests and not scared of expressing his opinions and explaining why he holds them - soundbite after soundbite.

Is there anything in it, does it / should it sway public opinion?

Judging by the amount of rubble and tosh that gets posted on the Forums (not only our Forum)… because some folk post without thinking in any way… (clearly or fuddled)…and then, not re-reading what they have put… “before” pressing the button…

I reckon we can pay absolutely no attention to what any of the Leaders say on Twitter and/or other social media outlets.



Who writes these Twitter posts? I doubt that they are written by the politicians personally in the same way that they don’t write their speeches themselves. I imagine they are written by social media/PR experts. I follow Trump on Twitter and you can tell the posts written by him (incoherent, rambling nonsense) and those written by others (slightly more sensible).

I love Twitter. My favourite social media platform although I’m on Facebook as well.

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I think we can do without many of these immediate postings.
Why don’t people think before using their thumbs?
What does the world and his wife need to know some of the irrelevances that seem to be so popular?

I think social media such as Twitter should come with advisory warnings ie your postings may come back to bite you on the ar*e.

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::relaxed::fearful: a bit like Wikipedia…

how many folk bother to read the disclaimer… about the accuracy, or lack of it…:relaxed::rofl::kissing_heart:

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