Two male cats desperately seeking new homes!

After a recent fall my elderly mum has now moved in with us. However she has two cats who now need to be re-homed. Although we are life long cat people ourselves we already have five of our own plus a fox terrier, adding two more young males to this mix is just not working out! If anyone out there would consider re-homing a 4 year old ginger male or a 5 year old long-haired tabby (or both!!), we would be extremely happy to hear from you. Both are extremely lovable and affectionate boys, and just want a comfortable knee to sit on, and a regular cuddle. Both are neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and have tested negative to feline leukaemia. We live in the South-West but would be happy to travel to other regions of the country if need be. Many thanks for taking the time to read this :slight_smile:

I really hope one of the SF members / readers can help you out. It would be nice if you could upload a photo.
Good luck :smiley_cat:

Hi Tracey

I was so happy to have got the message out that I forgot to attach the photos! Many thanks for the nudge. Here are the two lads in question!


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Dear all

Thanks for your patience. Here now is a photo of the tabby cat: