Two male Labrador Puppies for adoption

We are seeking homes for two male Labs,aged just three months old. They are left over from a litter bred to order earlier this year. One is very pale, could describe him as cream. The other is a nice warm gold, bordering on fox red.

Basic training has started, they will come when called and sit for a few seconds. They are used to being held in the sitting position with food in front of them until being told 'Off you go'. Should sit and stay in front of food without holding within a couple of weeks.

We are asking 180 euros to cover the cost of their having had their vaccinations, worming up to date, micro-chips and full set of papers, including health certificates. They are both provisional LOF. We can arrange rabies vaccinations, but would need to pass the cost on at the discounted price that we pay. Parents both have good hips and DNA'd PRA clear. Both parents work and can be seen.

Pictures will follow later in the day after I have made use of the gap in the showers to paint some shutters.

Hello Alan

Have you found homes yet for the dogs, we'd be interested in one if it's not too late.

Many thanks


And two more

Here are pictures of Jasper and Jango

Hi Frances,

Basically UK line bred going back to Drakeshead. The pedigrees of both Sire and Dam can be seen at the following links. and The grand sire on the sire'e side is UK bred and french owned, 'Carolhill Quistador' who was for some years in the french national working test team and also in the french internatinal field trial team.

The sire, our Fergus, is running in working tests this coming weekend at Montigny le Gannelon. Both mother and father work at Chaeau la Verrerie, and at La Ronde, Moulin.

If you pm me with an email address, I can send you a scanned copy of the carte de naissence.

Please can you tell me how they are bred?

Hi Liz and anyone else who is interested.

We are in Gironde, just off the Bordeaux/Toulouse motorway, between the Langon and La Reole turn offs, also close to Bazas and the Bordeaux/ Pau motorway. See for maps.

Full address upon request.

Hi Alan, may be helpful if you say where you are located…they sound lovely

Hello there!
I would be super interested in adopting one of your pups … please let me know if they are still available.
Best wishes,

Laura, have a look at the date :wink: Jango is here with me in the kitchen 7 years on…


:rofl::paw_prints: lucky you!!


Very lucky, he’s gorgeous and spoilt rotten!

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