Type of sand

I am looking to re-seed my lawn in April and the seed I shall be using is similar to that used a lot in Florida, which gives a course/rough blade typically about 3-4 mm wide. Does not need much water and thrives in hot conditions.

It is best laid on sand, but the sand must have a regular particle size to allow regular spaces between the sand grains to allow the grass roots to grow deep into the sandy rooting zone. I have tried without success asking building supply companies for this type of sand. Does anyone know what I should ask for in French?

Many thanks to you also John

Many thanks Brian

If it is for the garden it always is. Sometimes I wish for bare concrete ;-)

I see Brian, more to it than meets the eye.

Good thinking as ever John for budget yes, except that lawn sand consists of ammonium sulphate, iron sulphate and fine sand. The sand itself is also less silicon and more clay sand of the montmorillonite type. The idea is that it makes a loose, feeding surface for the seed to germinate. I have used fine builders sand but it tends only to work well if mixed with lawn feed which atrociously expensive here. I had a bag of (I guess) 5m³ delivered by Jardiland which was well under half the price of buying there by the sack.

Graham, if you have a sablier (SP) near you they are generally a lot cheaper and can deliver if it's a reasonable amount 5m3+. The grading is easy 0.2 fine sand to .2mm, 0.4 to .4mm etc.

Hope that helps

Sable de jardinage - as easy as that. Most garden centres should have it, look up Jardiland online to see if you have one near you, otherwise Carrefour Jardins, Jardinerie Baobab Gardening, Gamme Ver and most bricos with a gardening section. You can also buy big sacks of lawn grass seed for between €12 and €15 if you look around. I just had one for €14 this weekend, ready for the better weather.