Typing French accented characters,

I have just found out about Avisoft Accentype9.

Most of my writing is done in English, but I also need to write in French. This has always been a problem. Short of having two computers, the options used to be -

1 Two keyboards, with all the hassle of resetting Windows every time.

2. Lean the Alt-keystrokes for accented characters.

3. Pick the accented characters from Character Map and paste them in.

What I really needed was an on-page picking list, where I could just click on the required character. Accentype9 does exactly that. It will work with most existing software and is already built-in with Avisoft's own word processor, Write9.

It is a really neat piece of software, absolutely free for personal use and totally free from malware and advertising. Also works for many other languages. Couldn't ask for more.........!

Hi Rob,

Everyone is different and we all see the world in our own way. I have problems with memory, so I like to have something I can look at. My wife would write those shortcuts in a little book and after a little while she would have memorized them. If I tried that, I would not remember where I had left the book! Computing is a vast field of knowledge and nobody knows everything. We just pick the bits that work best for us.

Lucky man!

I am just an ordinary UK pensioner and can't afford such luxury.

I have a secondhand Dell desktop and a secondhand Asus Netbook. Neither of them cost me more than €100. Perfectly adequate for my needs.

Someone recently offered me a Mac for free. All that was wrong with it was that the screen wouldn't light up. When I found out that the repair would cost more than a working PC, I politely declined the offer!

Rapid advances in technology mean that today's new computer is obsolete and worthless in a few years. My best advice is - buy the cheapest that will do the job.

Why do so many people believe Macs are so expensive.

Buying new. Compare and specify a Dell to the same as a macBook pro and the Dell is more expensive. Fact.

I can show you where to get iMacs from as little as 500€ running the latest MacOS including Microsoft Office 2011 in English.

I can show you where to get MacBook Pro Laptops from as little as 650€ running the latest MacOS including Microsoft Office 2011 in English.

And by the way all the French characters are available at a single click.

Hi, Martin. Not sure if that question is for me or Mike. If it's me, I am using Word for Windows. Can't afford Mac unfortunately.


Are you using Windows or Mac?

Can't learn all that. My brain is already too cluttered with account numbers and passwords!

And like I said, one click is quicker......

I like "anguage" - somewhere between language and anguish?

Hold down Alt and type

0192 = À

0193 = Á

0194 = Â

0196 = Ä

0224 = à

0225 = á

0226 = â

0228 = ä

0199 = Ç

0231 = ç

0200 = È

0201 = É

0202 = Ê

0203 = Ë

0232 + è

0233 = é

0234 = ê

0235 = ë

0190 = ¾

0189 = ½

0188 = ¼

0204 = Ì

0205 = Í

0206 = Î

0207 = Ï

0236 = ì

0237 = í

0238 = î

0239 = ï

0210 = Ò

0211 = Ó

0212 = Ô

0214 = Ö

0242 = ò

0243 = ó

0244 = ô

0217 = Ù

0218 = Ú

0219 = Û

0249 = ù

0250 = ú

0251 = û

Absolutely agree to buy you a decimal pint:-)
And I think I pinted out acruetallyy the problems encountered when typing on the iPhone ( without keyboard)

Hi Nick.

You may just have demonstrated the disadvantage of using a French keyboard.

I think you owe me a decimal pint......!

I use both languages in my work in equal quantity. My preference is the French key board. You do get used to the full stops. You want to try working with Excel to. A decimal pint is a full stop and a comma is a decimal point. Then all of the arguments are in French too. I do have a lexicography of English to French excel statements/ commands if anyone needs it.


I worked on a French keyboard for a while. You do get used to the letters being in different locations, but I never really got used to pressing before typing numbers, or a full stop.

And Mike says he writes both in English and French. \More English than French I presume, so a French keyboard is not the best option IMHO.

Have you considered a French keyboard? They have all the British letters and the accented French ones too?

Good evening, (yes I know I should put up a photo. I'll do that ASAP)

I work with a W7 computer, and I get my accents and all just by for instance typing a (simple) quotation-mark followed by e which gives é . For the accent grave it's the "inverted simple quotation-mark" located top row, far left followed by e (or a, for that matter) which gives è. As said , same goes for a's, and once you get this it's easy to figure out how to write ö or ä, although they are not too common in French. ç is written by typing comma .

Very handy this. No pull-down screens or ASCII-codes, just straight from the keyboard. (US/International)

Try it. As far as I know it comes with the configured keyboard. Finnish or German give other possibilities.


Nice trick - if you can do it! But one click is quicker.......

Sounds like the old Accent Express which was very good. I find the easiest was is to simply toggle the keyboard into the French setup and away you go. You just have to learn the French keyboard which is not difficult because it it 80% the same.

Haha! In my time I needed to learn ASCII codes and still use them on this QWERTY keyboard; e.g. Alt 130 gives you é, Alt 138 is è, Alt 1 is ☺, Alt 11 is ♂ and so on...