Tyre speed ratings

I need two new tyres for my Audi TT 180 Quattro but am a little confused by speed ratings as far as legal requirements are concerned. I have a contre visite for two front tyres. I’m well aware that they have to be the exact same on the same axle but unsure between axles.
At present I am running with the tyres that were on when I bought the car (in the UK) which are 91Y front and 94W rear.
Is the difference of any importance to the CT technician? It passed two years ago with these same ratings but I am now using a different station who seem to go by the book and I do not want to fall foul. Logic tells me just to get 94W’s which is no doubt what I shall do but would like to understand both for today and for the future.
Thanks for any advice forthcoming.

Would not have thought so, as long as both are rated for your vehicle’s max speed, W is 270kph/168mph Y is 300kph 186mph - Parkers says top speed is 140mph, so one pair W, one pair Y should be OK - assuming otherwise suitable for the vehicle.

this might help

That is pretty much what I thought Paul. I was pulled up once by an ‘Allopneus’ technician who refused to fit ‘W’ rated tyres on my car because I had ‘V’ on the other axle. You would think that a higher speed rating would be approved of but not by that guy. He actually took them away and I had to re-order.

Nice car Damian. The W is a speed rating and all four tyres should really be the same. Unless the front of a TT goes quicker than the back :slightly_smiling_face:

I should add that tyres of different speed ratings are constructed differently (obviously) so IMO it’s better to have all the same rating and (because I’m just that way) all the same type from the same manufacturer.

Bit late John…I’ve just ordered 'Y’s because they were available…c’est la vie.
As to the car its my wife’s who has never really taken to it so it will be up for sale. She prefers her old MX5.

I don’t think the front goes quicker although it does always get there first.


I had an Alfa 155 Twinspark that was prone to spin and one couldn’t be sure which end was going to arrive first.

Oh if it’s only for the wife… (joke). The MX5 is a lovely car too. Very clever the way Mazda picked up the MGB, TR, classic British sports car baton.

The MX5 chassis and wheel arches seem to rust out though. I do like Alfas and Lancias.
I’ve just bought a Saab 900i 16v Limited Edition Yacht Club which I’m very pleased with.

Very nice. A neighbour of mine, since moved away, was a retired motoring journalist from the Netherlands. He was on the lookout for a nice 900 last time I saw him.

Ooooo the François Boucher catamaran limited edition, what colour Embassy Blue, Ultramarine or my favourite Beryl Green, loved the SilverVane Ronal alloys, I am a Saab nerd and owned 38 different cars and have a 9000 2.3 Carlsson and two 9000 3.0 V6 Griffin’s.

Well I am pleased to hear that you are a Saab nerd. I have always really liked them but despite having owned many varied and sometimes exotic cars I have never had one myself until this month. My sister had one for years and loved it. I have admired from afar.
Two matters to discuss…
The colours of the Yacht Club that you mention are the three accepted colours but there were apparently (and I would hope) a few exceptions. Mine is inferno red. I am aware that at the time Saab sold Ronal wheels and striping kits and that there are several non genuine examples knocking about. I do believe that mine is genuine and am hoping that the chassis number might prove it somehow. If it proves not to be genuine it might knock the value somewhat but I picked it up for s price I am very happy with and I am very impressed by it.
The second matter is that as it is, or so far certainly seems to be, in very good shape, I intend to keep that one for Sunday’s and holidays. It so happens that due to ongoing electrical problems with my ‘daily driver’ I now need another. I have been looking at older Peugeots and the like but am now thinking perhaps I should get another Saab as a run around.
As a Saab nerd could you offer any advice on which model and engine I should be looking out for? I do have a preference for older less complicated cars but am open to suggestions. In the UK you can pick them up for ‘peanuts’ but over here somewhat different. I do not want to spend a great deal on this one. Reliability and economy more important than power and prestige.
I thank you in advance for any advice you can offer or you may even know of one for sale. I am in Brittany but would travel.
I will post a picture of mine a little later.

The correct rating for the tyre is the one the manufacturers state, opinion counts for very little in the event of an insurance claim.
Check with the insurance company otherwise its a modification and needs to be declared

The French can be over literal in cases like this so it will be useful to get chapter and verse.

The position in the UK (so far as I know) has always been manufacturer’s rating or higher.

Maybe you wife would fancy this Damian…

In my early twenties a pal with wealthy parents was given a 99 Turbo as a birthday present. I never drove it but he said the turbo lag could dislocated your shoulders.

Who’s V6 is in the Griffin? Did SAAB produce one? I sort of lost sight of what they were doing after the old Dolomite block.

The V6 was the GM dual ram 3.0 out of the Carlton and Senator with 220 bhp, my Carlsson has been tweeked a bit, seam welded, puts out 340 bhp, has a quaife LSD and a nice set of Saab recaros.

Makes my 900i look a bit timid…but I still love it.

I can’t find a Saab that fits the bill locally so off to look at a couple of Peugeot 405’s tomorrow.