U.K. Passports

There has been a lot of criticism recently about the time it takes to get a new U.K. passport, especially for Brits living overseas.

Because I will need a new passport when we travel in October, I decided to apply very early and having submitted my online application I followed it up the same day by posting my photos to Liverpool exactly 14 days ago. Much to my surprise DHL have just delivered my new passport.

Thank you!!

Please would someone send me the link for a new passport form?
I have to renew mine next year and with 2 new grandchildren etc I dread being without it for long. Thanks in advance !

I was in the UK recently on holiday and applied for a same day passport which can be collected 4hrs later. When I went back to collect it hundreds of us found the system had broken down and it couldn't be collected that day. However, the staff at the passport office were brilliant, they were calm and helpful and dealt with everyone very courteously. They explained I could get a refund for the extra same day fee and my passport would be delivered by courier within 2 days. It arrived the very next day at 2pm. I have only the highest praise for these people.

That is amazingly fast! We have friends in France who needed to renew their passports recently because they were going overseas on holidays and they applied over 3 months in advance. Theirs (4 of them) arrived in 2 separate mailings a mere two days before they were leaving. Weren't you a lucky man.

Need to go get my husband's UK passport and check how long he has left on it. I don't think we can renew them in Australia now either since it sounds, from what I have read in the news, as if everything is done in the UK now.

Thanks for the reminder!