(Uhm....Spanish food favorites?--will I be in trouble to ask?)

May get in trouble for this one…but first , apologies for being a bit absent. We spent the week in Valencia, Spain. Wonderful weather and food. Just curious-if it isn’t too politically incorrect to ask in the French food lovers group: What is your favorite Spanish food or drink?

I completely feel head over heels for real (AOC) Jerez vinegar (Sherry vinegar). Such a different taste than what you find in the grocery store.

Anyone want to share their favorite Spanish food/dish/drink?

Ensaimada sweet or savoury and sobrasada. Mallorcan really not Spanish.

We too love Manchego, but were recommended Ossau-Iraty brebi cheese which is nearly as good. A good, very dry Serrano ham. Then there is a list of lick lips food we make from time to time including: arròs negre, cuchifritos (using goat especially), gazpacho manchego, pinchitos, hornazo, polvorón, caparrones, gazpacho, frangollo, marzipan (make it, not buy it), membrillo y tortell.

Wish I could get hold of Mari-Paz brand Pimenton here. The pimenton is average but the pack is just wonderful.


I love the Mariscal Manzanilla sherry, Douro red wine, yes manchego cheese! - with membrillo! I love the tapas / pinchos culture, great for socializing.

love Tapas...all of them! love Chorizo...which I manage to include in most of the dishes I cook...Manchego cheese we love...I love Sherry...and it drives me nuts that its so difficult to get hold of in the Dordogne....I like the very dry Sherry served ice cold over ice...wonderful...Paella, with just fish no meat....love the Serrano hams...but best of all? Ines Rosales Spanish Olive Oil Tortas...my favourite are flavoured with rosemary and sea salt. Occasionally I can buy the Tortas in Waitrose.