UK 2021 Budget calculator:

To save endless analysis of the policies: if you’re the kind of person who donates to one of the main parties, you’ll pay less tax: if you’re the kind of person who donates to one of the other parties, you’ll pay more tax.

Can’t believe no one has mentioned the ‘15 year right to vote rule’ in the UK is going to be removed.

I’ll believe it when it happens, fortunately I can now vote in France :smiley:


A bit pointless IMHO, what good will it do having a vote in your old constituency? They’re really going to have our best interests at heart i think not!! Now, if “they” decided to create new MPs purely for British nationals living abroad (say one per 100 000), that would be an entirely different matter.


Not really, Mark, it depends on the character of your old MP. Long after we came here to live, but while we still had the vote, we had a serious dispute with the pensions people in UK. Every avenue was tried to get someone to resolve it, I even wrote to the PM, Tony Blair. :astonished:

Nothing worked, mainly because each time we had a reply it was from a different person who didn’t know the case.

It was only after I contacted our MP, Nick Palmer, that things started to move, most important of all was the head of the pensions service personally appointing one specific person to go through the whole thing from start to finish. The result was a full vindication of our case, full restitution of lost pension, and interest paid for the lost years. We voted for him afterwards 'till we were no longer allowed.

Contrast that with a small communication with his successor, Anna Soubry. She did write back, but only to say that she wasn’t allowed to talk to people who were not constituents. :frowning_face:

sounds about par for the course, sadly… truly, anyone I knew is now long-gone.

Much better if we could vote here, where we live, for the maire and his team… but that’s not going to happen, so UK might as well save the money and give it to the nurses (with a whole lot more dosh, of course…)

IIRC it works with French expats around the world, they have representation specific to their non resident status not associated with where they lived previously so why couldn’t it work for UK expats?