Uk address on i- cad?

Long time no read, been busy but the house is taking shape at last. I have a question: My dog is born and bred in Germany, got exported to the uk and has my Kennel name added. The french Kennel Club say that he has to be registered with them if someone wants to register a litter from him, the reason being that his icad is to our french address. Strangely they have no problem with him being shown in France under his uk registration and french address. For a number of reasons I don’t want to register him here. The only way would be to have my uk address on his i cad. Possible ? Anyone out there with their dogs to their uk address?

I’d check with I-cad first. There might be a problem with where you get your passport. I remember this coming up somewhere that if the i-cad registration after a certain date, has an address outside France, you cannot have a French passport.

It would be interesting to see if this applies if it is a change of address as opposed to a new registration!

He has a German passport from the breeder anyway. Fine in the UK. As an imprt there are some strict rules regarding vaccinations and exams. A good few hoops to jump through. I will have a look at the website. I already had to correct a couple of details.

An update and enlightenment. I have changed the address to our UK address. That means that our uk and french phone numbers are on the I-CAD records as well as our email address. It means that the french Kennel Club have him on record as a foreign dog. It’s possible to have a registered address in any country. How good is that. So a hint to all visitors, especially if you bring your dog/ca/ferret regularly, get them registered here. It might save their lives one day.