UK car onto French system

what do PP do re car insurance UK to France ? Can you insure a UK reg car in France please we can only green card cover for 90 day out of any year therefore do we need to go onto the French system and what would that include ?

Hello Karen
There will be experts on this coming a bit later I am sure! It always goes a bit quiet in the middle of the day :thinking:
Basically, if you are moving to France, you can drive here under your UK insurance and use the car for (I think) a month but you would need to get it registered here and insured here. Quite a few people have done this very recently so you may get more advice than you bargain for :smiley:


Yes Karen, you can insure a foreign registered vehicle here but the insurers will expect you to have registered in in France within a certain period. My insurers at the time, MAAF, allowed me six months which dovetailed nicely with me being able to import it without having to pay TVA here and reclaim the VAT from HRMC. Now with Brexit the TVA/VAT implications are different.

@Mark_Rimmer This is the man you need…