UK cars - where to put your Crit'Air sticker

That’s not really an issue - It’s a question of having to have a work visa now that I am no longer an EU citizen.

:+1: Exactly, tampering with your car without your approval is not on.

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The MoT testers’ manual is the “bible” and that permits ‘official stickers’ within zone B.

I’ve seen many UK cars with work’s parking discs and such within zone B which, presumably, have passed MoT tests.

Thank you - but the problem I had was that my sticker was in Zone A!!

Well you only have yourself to blame, zone A is quite a narrow band compared to zone B and the swept area.

That may be true - but until this situation arose I had no idea that there was such a thing as “Zone A and Zone B” - I was not in the habit of reading the MOT Tester’s Manual! It’s not something anyone thinks about unless they happen to be in the motor trade!!

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until this thread… i had no idea of the strictness of what and where… obviously makes sense not to block essential vision, but perhaps this A B thingy needs highlighting…
is there a graphic ???

No but there is a tape measure.

I found this on the RAC website:

Except on my car(s) the Zone B area to the right of the driver is fairly tiny!

Well there I would have to disagree, I am not in the motor trade but gifted with the availabilty or curse to think which I frequently have to do for others in my day job.

That sounds bad, what I mean is I find it amazing that people dont know you cant just put things on a windscreen in the main view, just as its a surprise to you that such rules exist.

OK we will have to agree to disagree on this one I think. :smiley:

Of course I would never dream of putting a sticker in the “main view” of the windscreen - I just wasn’t aware that it was not allowed to put anything in the “swept area” (according to my garage’s MOT bloke) - though it does seem having researched it a bit more that he was in the wrong, in that my Crit’Air sticker was way down in the lower right-hand corner and so outside the area shown in the diagram above.

Anyway lesson learned - I will be using a stick-on transparent disc holder in future and removing my Crit’Air sticker from it when UK MOT time comes around!!

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Sure Chris, but here you have said differently so outside the area. Anyway now you know.

please stop making me laugh… just tell us where to put it… :rofl: :rofl:

Hi @ChrisMann and fellow SF enthusiasts- what is a critair sticker for? Who needs them ?

There’s a number of cities and areas that have low emission zones and you need to have a Crit’air sticker on your vehicle to enter these areas or you will be fined.

Info here:

As stated earlier the Crit’Air sticker MUST BE STUCK ON in the specified position. It’s an anti-fraud method to prevent transfer of the sticker between vehicles. Any attempt to remove it once stuck down will destroy it.

A temporary/removable CA holder is considered the same as having no sticker and subject to the same penalty.

L’absence de vignette Crit’Air ou le port d’une vignette Crit’Air non correspondante est punissable par une amende