UK Cheque

Hi can anyone tell me I am getting a UK cheque from the tax man not a large amount I hasten to add, but can anyone tell me as I have no way of paying it into my UK account, can you pay it into your French account and what sort of charges would you be looking at, or say admin or transferring it to euros please

It costs a fortune in fees. I paid in two £50 cheques, one with Credit Agricole and the other with Banque Populaire, and I came out with 30€ which at the tlme was about £25! I now use Paypal for clients paying in pounds as it is cheaper and I can withdraw in France

I send them back to the UK with just a covering letter and I've never had a problem (Nationwide in Torquay)

thanks will do that then either post back to UK or to my daughter in law to bank for me

We post UK cheques with a completed paying in slip back to our Bank in the UK seems simple enough, When I tried paying a UK cheque into my French Account it cost 20€ for admin charges and the exchange rate left a lot to be desired but what else would you expect.