UK citizen marrying a US citizen.... in France

Just wondering…

What happens if:

A man from the UK, who has lived in France as permanent residence for over 6 years… marries a US citizen who has just moved to France? He is 60, she is a few years younger.

If he has a carte de sejour, and carte vitale… And she has only a long-term (1 year) visa. Both have adequate income independent of the other. He owns his home in France.

Has anyone any thoughts on repercussions, since their goal is to live in France the rest of their lives? Perhaps just easiest to live together instead of marrying?

All hypothetically speaking of course.

Hello Mary…

I know of no reason why this couple should not be married in France…

There are certain conditions to meet…

I give the link here…

Many folk (no matter what their ages) do simply co-habit, rather than go through the rigmarole of who owns what and inheritance and a million other things… when one or other has family… such things can be complicated here.

Frankly, I would suggest time is taken… to thoroughly investigate the ramifications of being married under the French regime… (no idea what it is like in US, but it is certainly very different from the UK)… just to ensure that both parties fully understand… :thinking:

Also, by the sound of it… the couple have possibly not known one another very long… I would recommend a longer courtship/romance…before taking any legal plunge :hugs:

I know of several very happy couples, who have never taken the legal plunge, yet they lead wonderfully happy lives together…

On the other hand, I know a couple who had been together for 40 years and have only recently been able to marry. Their joy on that special day… mmm… that was really something else. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Hello Mary,
Apart from the one difference that my wife and I married in the USA, your hypothetical situation describes us virtually exactly.
The full answer to your query requires quite a lengthy answer, so I will send you a Personal Message tomorrow when the hour is not so late as it is just now.
Sincerely, Robert.

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