UK Covid analysis

Sorry David, it’s just that the ONS figures suggesting mortality is down have been posted more than once and I’m slightly tired of pointing out that this is meaningless because:

  • with no idea of the variance you don’t know how much of an outlier this year’s figures are

  • you’d expect half the values to be below the median anyway - that’s how averages work

  • with so much Covid around it’s not surprising that reporting of other causes of death might lag

  • with the lockdown many “risky” activities are less frequent

  • with the NHS focussed on Covid many routine procedures which might engender some element of risk are not being carried out.

  • with social distancing many infectious agents are having a hard time getting spread around, not just Covid

and probably another half dozen reasons that the reported deaths are lower for March that I haven’t thought of.

But a good number of these are just statistics postponed, not avoided.

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Did you not read my previous post? The link was for Anna, I wondered if it was the post that she was thinking of. If you scroll up to the first time the ONS link was posted you will be able to see my reaction to it then. There is no need to educate me unless it’s on how to copy a link to a post not just the content of that post.

Just posting a link with no commentary is, perhaps, a bit confusing.

You can quote bits of a previous post by highlighting a section in which case you will get a floating “quote” button to click.

Linking a previous post is easy enough - there is a link icon, image just under each post - click it and you will get the link URL, which you can copy and paste into your own post, or choose the “reply as linked post” option depending on preference.

I used the link icon and it only posted the content. I will try to be more careful next time.

It sort of automagically sucks it in - but I still think adding some sort of commentary would have helped.

This is an interesting article from The Times of the UKs response so far:

Times article link

Somewhat damming of BoJo’s predictable ineffectiveness. Further evidence here of how unfit he is to be PM - he is simply fulfilling a boyhood dream without actually doing the job.

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Damning evidence that Johnson et-al are totally unfit for office but I ask myself, why oh why do the public still love him to bits?
I’m still convinced that he had no more than a dose of man-flu - perhaps a severe one - and that his admission to St Thomas’ Hospital was no more than ruse to increase his popularity - ah! poor old Boris, let’s clap for Boris etc…
Despicable man. To miss so many COBRA meetings when you are supposed to be in charge smacks of one thing - he is out of his depth and he knows it. His pitiful bunch of under-achieving bed pan lickers are no better. They are a product of the Peter Principle of which I have written before. They are under-achievers because he cannot abide anyone having a modicum of intelligence that will outshine him and god knows, there are plenty of them - evidence the way he treated some of the party grandees prior to the last general election to be replaced by complete idiots sworn in to obey the Johnson monotone Dalek-ish mantra “You will obey!”.
Will he ever be brought to book?
I somehow doubt it but the UK if not now will be a spent force - as Emmanuel Macron said before he was elected President of France, a small insignificant island off the coast of Europe.


I think it will take a lot more failures yet for the public to turn but it will take media to highlight the failures.

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Couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery…

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One can only say dereliction of duty.
This fool and his cohorts were more interested in ‘Getting Brexit Done’ than they were in protecting the nation.
I always thought it was the first duty of any government to protect its people, but BoJo and his idiots seem to see it as protecting their misplaced Hard Brexit preparations.
One can almost call it treason.

should line them all up on Gallows Hill and despatch them as painfully as possible…

What annoys me Graham is they way ministers throw out absolute numbers without any reference to the actual amounts required. Hancock with his 55.000 gowns which turn out to be only 8 hours worth. What does the 84 tonnes that Robert Jenrick announced actually mean? There’s some talk of it including 400K gowns, so three days supply! Big deal. People need to know what the consumption rate is before we know if 84 tonnes is good, bad or indifferent. All these minister are good at is obfuscation. The daily UK updates are different to Trump’s, but not that much more informative IMO.

For these chaps , like Bojo, who are so ready to invoke the WWII spirit I suggest a “public enquiry” along the lines of Nürnburg is required.

With similar outcomes?!

A simple question and one which doesn’t require any comparison to the current situation in the UK, do people think the French government has handled things as well as they could of?

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I guess the answer is " could have done better". Like Germany did, maybe.

I believe Macron should have closed the schools etc and non essential shops etc about a week to ten days earlier but that’s all.

…but at least M. Macron has been more open with the French people and apologised for failings.


I think he’s done a good job so far Graham, I think he was a bit late in reacting but hindsight is a wonderful thing.
I have more confidence in him than I have in Boris and co.


1984 as interpreted in 1956…

1956 Version

1984 as interpreted in 1884…

1984 version

2020… 1984 is a reality…