UK driving licence exchange to French

My wife still holds the paper version of her UK licence, is anyone aware of this maybe causing a problem when the time to submit them to change to a French licence.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Monbazillac1
There is quite a long thread already running on this subject which you may have missed here:
It might just contain the answer you are looking for.


As long as it’s legible you’re fine to wait until your turn. If it is so old and damaged as to be illegible I believe you can ask to exchange now,

IMO that’s rather subjective. One Law Enforcement Officer’s “legibility test” may not be the same as the next…

Has your wife had any problem with her paper licence… here in France ??

Well ANTS just says “Si votre permis de conduire est détérioré” without defining it in detail. Perhaps common sense works in this situation…

Is that reference referring to a UK or French licence? I think the latter personally and a driver doesn’t present their licence to ANTS but to a Law Enforcement officer in general so the subjectivity is not removed.
There are over 560 posts in the linked topic; Would you not think rather than continue with a new one it might be better to add contributions to the existing to increase its usefulness as an important resource since this important subject is ongoing for some?

Maybe ask @james or @cat to close this thread to avoid excessive duplication?

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I think that’s a good idea Deedee.
@Monbazillac1 do you have any objections?
@james @cat

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