UK driving licences after Brexit - I'm glad I did not panic!

Rightly or wrongly I renewed my UK licence a couple of months ago as I didn’t want to drive around without any sort of physical licence.

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now you’ve “got it”… can you apply to exchange it for a French one… ???

I’m just feeling paperworked out - I did the application for this nearly 2 years ago, and got it sent back. Then the dossier for dh’s CNF (which got rejected) - twice as I didn’t get it in quickly enough so then had to reorder all the certificates , then the CDS - I don’t have the ‘courage’ to start it all again at the moment.

Yes, the reasoning behind me getting another ten year UK one was that I now have plenty of time to switch, my existing UK licence would have run out this week and with the delays people are experiencing with ANTS I didn’t feel comfortable not having a piece of plastic with my mugshot on to show the gendarmes etc should I have to.

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Re my post of yesterday…what are the rules regarding exchanging uk licence for French ones, do uk ones become invalid on 1st Jan 2021…

At the moment, no.


So this says a “European State” not an EU state…is that the subtle difference.?

With the UK no longer being européen post-Brexit, these are the rules for UK licences: "Si vous résidez en France avant 2021, votre permis est reconnu jusqu’au 1er janvier 2022.

Si vous vous installez en France après 2021, votre permis est reconnu pendant 1 an à partir de votre arrivée.

À la fin de ce délai, si vous souhaitez continuer à conduire en France, vous devrez obtenir un permis français en passant l’examen du permis de conduire."

The communiqué de presse from June 2019 (Loire-Atlantique) is no longer valid

At present it’s not possible to change a UK licence for a French one. There is no recipricol arrangement in place . The French and British government departments are at present discussing the situation. But no date yet for when new arrangements will be put in place.

Thanks, Sue. Will you be informed when/if they are put in place? My licence runs out in Sept 2021. Eeek!

You have plenty of time… and yes, the world and his wife will be informed when the discussions are completed and an agreement is reached… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :roll_eyes:

then everyone will dive into ANTS and the system will explode/implode… again… :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


Well, thank you, Stella. That’s very reassuring! :sunglasses:

Best advice Simon is - there is a FB page - 'Applying for a French Driving Licence '. The lady that runs it is very knowledgeable and in contact with all the right people French and British. Excellent site and highly recommended.

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Also… the French and UK governments are talking and it is possible to follow their government webpages and News reports… or contact the Embassy who (I think) publish in a magazine… Living in France I think someone said…

However, I reckon that as soon as it is sorted… the whole of France will know about it… with so many Brits stressing themselves at the moment there’ll either be one huge sigh of relief or ( perhaps) a suicidal scream… depending on the outcome of the talks.

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Currently no one holding a UK licence can exchange it for a French licence due to the failure to have the reciprocal agreement in place before 01/01/2021

Please sign this UK Government petition and share wherever possible. Thank you.

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The Embassy are holding an “online outreach” meeting on Thursday, where I hope this issue will be discussed in more detail. If anyone is interested in attending, you can register for free here:

Ugh, if it’s this page they’re referring to then I’ve not been particularly impressed with it personally :frowning:

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I “went” to last one. On one hand was v impressed as they had people standing by from all departments from around the UK, and even someone from the national CPAM in France. But then less than impressed as they ducked quite a few questions.

And of course selected the questions to answer…

Have registered again, and hope to get a questions answered this time!


I’ve registered too but I’m afraid I concur with Gareth regarding the Living in France bit of the government website - it’s not been very informative so far…