UK driving licences after Brexit - I'm glad I did not panic!

If you are one of those people who believed that their UK licences would be invalid after Brexit & decided to change now rather than wait, fear no more.

"As the United Kingdom approaches its exit from the European Union, many British people are concerned about the validity of their post-Brexit driving licence. But don’t worry, their licence will be valid as a European licence.

The British can be reassured: to overcome the question of the validity of their driving licence, an order dated 3 April 2019 and published in the Official Journal on 7 April 2019 provides a very simple solution. Holders of a driving licence issued by the United Kingdom authorities who have acquired their normal residence in France on the date of leaving the United Kingdom from the European Union (i.e. at least 185 days of residence) will continue to have their licence recognised under the same conditions as holders of a licence issued by an EU Member State. Their licence will therefore allow them to drive throughout the territory without any action being required.

A few special cases will still require an exchange procedure: in the event of an offence, expiry of the permit or obtaining a new category. If the user lives in Paris, he/she must send his/her file to the Resource Centre for the exchange of foreign driving licences and international driving licences to the Paris Police Prefecture (CREPIC) or to the Centre d’expertise et de ressources des titres (CERT) in Nantes if he/she lives outside Paris.

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That’s fine but you need to change to a French licence if your plastic card has come to the end date. That is still taking upwards of 6 months . There are some people who not only don’t have their UK licence-having sent it to the French authorities-as requested and it’s been cancelled by DVLA-haven’t received a French licence and have an attestation that has run out. You will -at some point need to change it.

Very true Sue. Anyone with a UK photocard driving licence will have to exchange it at some point as the photocard expires 10 years after issue. If you leave until after the expiry date the process is even more difficult (at least it was before the new system).

It helps if you have the UK supporting paper document .

I know we needed ours when we exchanged “out-of-date” UK plastic cards.

Yes, me too. It was a tortuous process even when done by the local prefectures. I think centralisation was supposed to improve the process but it sounds like it really hasn’t.

That has always been the situation but there are a great many who are only trying to change because they have been led to believe that their UK licence would suddenly be invalid after Brexit, not because it was about to expire.
Because of this unneccesary demand the french have not been able to cope which has resulted in the situation you have described,

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Last year we saw the possible outcome and sent off our applications in November.
We have both now received our Permis de Conduires and are very happy about it (not to mention a little smug!).

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Yes-I’ve got mine-my card ran out in May just gone.I did apply over 15 months ago though. My OH has heard nothing but his card is valid until 2020 so no rush for him. Also French cards are valid for 15 years not 10 like UK ones.

What is the current situation of requiring the applying for French driving license in exchange for UK one.
I understand that the French authorities were not insisting on this unless it was connected to a driving offence. Is there any certainty on the position from 1st Jan’. Is the online service now accepting applications from Brits?

I think they are age-sensitive, as mine was, issued in 12/2016 and expires in 12/2021 when, if I’m still knocking around, I shall have clocked up nearly 65 years behind the steering wheel.

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I’m not sure that is correct @Peter_Goble
If you have the pink folding card type French DL (as we do) they expire when you do but the credit card type do have expiry date IIRC

OH has just done his online, and received an acknowledgement. Others have said the turn-round is now v quick.

I already have one, but he decided to change now as has only 2 years left to go on his UK one.

@JaneJones - can you please let us know when the new licence turns up so we know how long the process is. Thanks

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Ah! Right.

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I spoke to DVLA about this last year. “We have no instructions to change the valididty of a GB licence in the EU and there is no policy pending to change that”.

We are on holiday at the moment, and are hoping it will be there when we get home in 3 weeks…:crossed_fingers:t3:

I have read through the threads and have come to the conclusion that our uk driving licences will be valid after transition ends so no need to panic, although it is advisable to exchange for a French one well in advance of a UK one running out. Is this a correct set of assumptions?
I’m going to be well occupied with residency (along with ongoing Ameli demands) without a further one at same time !

Back from holiday last night, and no sign of it…

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