UK Electoral Commission Hacked

Just seen this…

The attackers accessed copies of the electoral roll including the names and addresses of anyone registered to vote in the UK between 2014 and 2022, including the names of those of us registered to vote overseas. They also attacked the Commission’s email system, which doesn’t affect me directly but is possibly the more worrying part of this attack.

Annoyingly, the Commission was compromised in October 2021 but didn’t detect it until August 2022. They’re only now, in August 2023, making the public aware. This is poor on their part… they should have detected the attack sooner and they should have disclosed it quicker.

Personally I don’t think the data held on the electoral roll is enough to allow someone to commit ID fraud, so I’m not too worried. But it’s frustrating nonetheless.


Not good.

Some information such as name and address is in the public domain but it is possible to opt out of the “public” roll so I guess anyone who did that can assume that their data has been compromised more than they wanted.

However the full roll data includes date of birth, which is harder to link to a name and address and an absolute goldmine for ID thieves.

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Main reason I do not like handing over info and two factor they will get your phone number as well.

The watchdog has warned people to watch out for unauthorised use of their data, its a bit late for that two years down the line.


Especially keeping it secret for so long.
They claim that Russia is behind it.

Always the same, if in doubt blame the russians, north korea et al. Fact is they havent kept up with the data security and allowed it to happen.

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Well I have not been on any UK electoral roll since 1993 so should be safe.

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Seems like there are a lot of sloppy IT departments out there…budget cuts or incompetence ?

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A mixture of them all probably.

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Yet another coincidence this morning, I have just been pressed, rush rush, to fill in a simple form that could have been left with me for a day, to confirm all the info on the UK electoral register. :roll_eyes:

Everything the government uses is provided by the lowest bidding contractor unless the contract magically goes to the Minister for X’s friend’s/cousin’s company which usually results in a worse product being rolled out.

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Dont worry though the information comissioner will sort it all out though. GDPR.


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