UK/France tax question

Is it the case that even though we may pay our taxes on our UK income to HMRC, this income has to be declared on French tax forms?

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It is quite correct … all income from whatever source… MUST be declared in France. At the moment there is a Treaty by which France offsets tax already paid in UK against tax that France might think appropriate.

There are some Incomes which attract Social Charges in France (a tax by another name :upside_down_face:)… but all of this can be explained by the folk at your local Tax Office. It is worth a visit to talk things through… and to be sure that you know exactly where you stand financially.


Does the tax year in France also end on 5th April?

No the French tax year is the calendar year ie 1st Jan to 31st Dec.
Same as for your property taxes and pretty much everything to do with admin, makes life far simpler…

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Thanks for your help.

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