UK Frozen Pensions - an E-petition

Please spread the word - although perhaps not directly applicable to expats in France, this may affect some of you with entitlement build up over the years to a UK state pension, depending where you land up when you start to draw down a UK State Pension.

In many countries, such pensions are frozen at the figure paid at inception i.e. no RPI indexation so the worth of a UK pension, possibly build up through many years of contributions in the UK, erodes over time. The Daily Telegraph recently ran an article on this with a link to an e-petition.

For the matter to at least have an airing in the UK Parliament, the e-petition needs 100000 signatures. If you believe in justice for those who have contributed to the UK Exchequer over many years, please consider adding your name to the e-petition and telling your friends.

Appeal to expats to sign frozen pensions petition

Actually not.
Also conflicting responses from on-line agents.
If you know anything, share it.
Perhaps you could look it up and give your interpretation

Can you put up the link please?

What about benefits for widows. Are they paid overseas.
What are the regulations?
Is benefit based on recipients contributions or on the deceased contributions?