UK gov settles out of court with Rutnam

For a “substantial” six-figure sum.

Which almost certainly means they think they’d have lost and been stung for much more if it went to trial.


I would have preferred that it go to court and PP be vilified. Unfortunately all that now happens is the tax payer foots the bill, and she’ll not even get a slapped wrist. She should go.


And Nicola Sturgeon?

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Dunno - her transgressions, if any, seem specific and limited (to coin a phrase) compared with Johnson and crew. Not at all clear that she should go.

The principle is surely the same Paul, the Scottish government were advised not to continue with the AS case and subsequently lost which cost the taxpayer roughly the same amount. Personally, I think PP is vile but that’s irrelevant.

Hmmm, Rutnam was innocent of wrongdoing and the injured party, Salmond - not so sure about that.

No one I know in Scotland believes, likes or trusts wee Eck, two people I know that have worked with him, one for a few years said it was known what he was like and when asked would not have left their wives alone with him.

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She is accused of lying to the Scottish Parliament and if found to have done so she will “Have to resign” according to the papers, Boris Johnson has made a career out of lying to the UK parliament/people and does so with total impunity.


He will now try to sell giving us a vote after fifteen years as fulfilling their Manifesto Promise, after the most important vote for many a year was denied to those who have lived in France for more than fifteen years.
He is a totally useless lump of lard and should be put in a skillet and melted.


Clearly you know more than the Scottish courts Paul. :wink:

Not at all, they just have higher standards of proof than I do in this matter.

I drove buses in and out of Edinburgh in the 90s when AS was leader of the SNP. One of the young lady passengers worked for his office and was quite loud in her admiration for him. Suddenly, without divulging anything of any substance, she couldn’t say a good word for the man!! Interesting.

A fine sentiment with which it is hard to disagree. Trouble is, who would then take over? Would they be any better or more likely much worse? I believe that in the USA they refer to this as the “Spiro Agnew Defence”.

This conversation seems to have veered off-topic. The observation of Rutman being paid off is what it’s about.
Call me old fashioned but it’s seems very convenient that this has happened just after the much hyped budget, on the day that UK nurses were offered an insulting 1% pay rise, & when the EU are threatening some kind of recourse over the UK governments seeming intention to delay implementation on some parts of the trade deal.
There’s so much smoke I don’t know which way to turn…which is what is intended. The UK is “governed” by crooks.


Very good analysis of what can be gleaned from the size of the settlment and reading between the lines with an experienced legal eye.


He says that he wants to now pursue his career, would that still be in government or elsewhere I wonder?

Surely this type of behaviour isn’t exclusive to the UK?

I never said it was. My point was/is that the subject was about Rutnam’s payout, not the internecine warfare in the SNP.

My comments responds to your “…The UK is “governed” by crooks…”. A sweeping statement in itself - my thoughts were that the UK Govt’ is no different to many others across the planet. Wonder how Sarkosy would have handled the Rutnam affair?

Agreed, it is very similar to corrupt banana republics around the globe.