UK Government Gateway Services no longer works

I have been using my UK Government Gateway Id to access UK government services (pensions, NI records, Money Claims Online) for a few years now.

Those of you that have used this will know that you get sent an access code by text (there are perhaps other options) if you have an access code that is more than 7 days old.

Today that has all ceased to work. The Id is recognised as is the password but the Access Code doesn’t arrive.

Has anybody else had the same problem?

I had an issue last year getting the access code by text due to network signal issues.
Eventually i installed the HMRC app on my phone and that generates the access code when i need it for the web based services. It might be a way of getting that access code and a work round the issue you currently have ?

Yes - i had same problem today. Had to phone in the end !

My OH is due her state pension in June so thought she would use the UK gateway. Unfortunately she fell at the first hurdle - they want to do credit score for ID purposes and need a UK address. Any ideas?

She should be able to do this with just her passport…

You would have thought so…doesn’t matter now, I gave her the number for overseas pension line, all easily done over the phone

I haven’t been able to access it for about 5 years. It tells me my number is invalid. Haven’t needed it, so no problem so far.

Graham, when i log on i have to use a post office app to get the code.

@Frank_Lobedan I think you mean Grahame, the OP :wink:

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@Poquelin What I found after my id was rejected was that one of the early screens actually required it without the embedded spaces that I’d always used before. Have you tried it both ways?

Tbh, it’s so many years ago that I’ve forgotten what I did or didn’t do. At the moment it isn’t a problem, I have no need to contact HMG, the niggling thought is might I have to one day? Perhaps I can phone somebody and start again.

There’s definitely a problem. I couldn’t get in today and the normal security questions were glitching and telling me I had entered the wrong details.

@Poquelin When I was using the government gateway for some sort of tax thingy, it asked for the number twice - once it needed the spaces in and the other it needed it without. So always worth trying both ways.

If you’ve used it very recently with success Nigel, that obviously isn’t the current problem. It’s always been a bit flakey though in my experience

Hi could someone give me the overseas pension phone number please

The 'phone number is 0044 (0) 191 2187777

The one I used earlier in the week was 0044 (0) 191 218 1999 but perhaps that was specific to the issue of S1s :thinking:

I’ve never had any probs getting thru’ the Gateway, altho’ I recall a note on a Google search result saying that G/way had been terminated.

Clearly it hasn’t. I tried just now. It remembered my u/name and p/word. The access code was in my phone by the time I reached over and picked it up. I was straight in and very relieved to see that

Although £0 might be the right amount of tax to pay, one recalls the quip by Mark Twain “The only thing worse than paying tax is not paying tax.”

The Government Gateway service is now working again. We managed to login and get access codes when we tried yesterday.

I’ll just tag this on in case anyone else is affected: the Barclays ID service will stop working later this month, so you’ll need to arrange another service.