UK homeopathic potency French equivalent

I normally order our homeopathic remedies from the UK because I understand UK potencies. But I need something urgently and so will get it from our local pharmacy. Can anyone please confirm what the equivalent of 30c is in France? Is it 9CH? Thanks for any help.

I found this that might help:

I can’t remember now the equivalencies, one of my former bosses was a homeopathic prescriber, and have unfortunately forgotten much of what he taught me.

Oh and this to compare / contrast:

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@Alex_Thurgood Thanks Alex, this is helpful. I think French homeopaths seem to use quite low potencies. I’ll just ask what’s the highest they’ve got in stock and go with it!

I can always order a higher potency in the pharmacy. I use calendula for my horses and they sell it at 5 but I was able to order it at 12!

@Annie2 Thanks Annie. I’ve bought the 5 for now and I’ll order 30 from the UK - I like being able to get the soft tabs - the small hard tablets tend to skid around the place and have a mind of their own!

Perhaps this site may be of use?

@vero Thanks for the link Vero. I’m pretty comfortable with homeopathic remedies. They’ve been part of my life for about 40 years. My only challenge is that the potency numbers are not the same in France as the UK and I really just need a chart with the two side by side. Normally I order from Helios in Tunbridge Wells who have a fabulous service, but I’ve left this to the last minute. But then nothing happens (or doesn’t happen) “by accident” - there is always purpose behind it.

I’d gathered that :blush: but I thought the site might have that sort of info, or possibly an explanation of what 9ch corresponds to so you could see the equivalence, etc

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