UK limited company tax with a director resident in France

Suppose I am a 100% shareholder and a director of a Limited company in the UK being a French citizen and living in the UK.

If I decide to move back to France and manage my company from France, I understand that I’m liable for the French social and personal tax on my salary and dividends, this is clear.

However, what happens to the tax liabilities of my Limited company? Is it also considered to be a French entity in this case because the admin is done from France — for the French authorities? And how does the tax calculations happen between the French / UK tax systems then?

If that setup is too complicated, what’s recommended setup, from your own experience, that would reduce the red tape and taxes while staying within the legal framework?

PS I read through RIFT, and other Facebook groups, as well as searched through this forum, but didn’t find any conclusive answers there, so opening this thread.

Thank you for linking this comment, would be curious to know what people think!