UK Number Plates

I understand that currently ‘UK’ cars in France only need a small ‘country identifier’ under the EU sign at the side of the reg plate, or alternatively a large GB sticker will do instead.

However come next year, when presumably the EU sign won’t be usable on UK reg plates anymore, does anyone know what will be needed (to be stuck on the back of the car) in order to bring a ‘UK’ car over ? I.e just a GB sticker, or what ?

More than likely go back to GB sticker… just like things were before… who knows…

But there is plenty of time for that to be sorted out by the Powers that Be… I don’t think anyone will be hauled over the coals just yet… :thinking:

Yeah ta for that, it’s just that i need new number plates now for another reason, and don’t want to buy a set in 10 months time…

plus sticky GB’s aren’t good for the paintwork.

Of course, if you’ve got a car with a nice shiny chrome bumper… a nice GB badge would be a very classy addition… :hugs: but probably only for Classics…

I think there has been News about this subject, last September… but not seen anything recently… someone will probably chime in…

NB I’ve just seen the sticky badges… ugh… nope, I would not want one of those on my car…just as well I’m in France… :hugs:

This is what most recent gov’t guidance said on the subject, but don’t know if it has changed

“You won’t need a GB sticker to drive outside the UK if you swap a Euro-plate with a number plate that only has a GB sign and not the EU flag.”

And this is what the RAC say, but then they are in the business of selling you stickers…

“## GB stickers post-Brexit

UK-registered cars will need to display a GB sticker when driving in any of the 27 EU countries – including the Republic of Ireland.

Drivers currently only need the sticker if their car does not have blue EU registration plates that display the ‘GB’ initials, but when the UK leaves the EU, drivers will need a separate GB sticker even if they have GB on their number plate.

Stay on the right side of the law in Ireland and elsewhere in Europe by buying a European Driving Kit from RAC Shop which contains the GB sticker you need as well as other legally required items for driving abroad.”

Believe what you will…but I think the RAC are being tricksy by not spelling out that they are talking about the current GP+EU plates, and rather than getting a sticker you can swap the plates.

Yeah read all that, and they say at the bottom “show the member state (GB) in reflecting white or yellow”, which clearly is now out of date (post Jan 20).

Seems like the Gov UK sites haven’t caught up with what Gov UK are saying/will do.

As you need to buy new number plates I suggest you buy plain plates and a GB sticker.