UK passports to be stamped

I feel very sad that we’re in this situation but IMO this is a positive. I hope that by having British passports stamped and logged will put an end to all those living ‘under the radar’ and all the non-registered ‘white van man’ builders etc


This has also been doing the rounds on FB
Elsewhere on the forum, there was a link indicating that CdS card holders (or the ES equiv) would not have their PP stamped but those only in possession of an attestation will still have their PP stamped under the maxim (for the Duane) “if in doubt stamp it”.

Obviously you’re going to have to prove residency by way of a CDS or equivalent to enter Europe without getting your passport stamped. In fact just like any other third country nationality has to do.


And all the second hime owners who have illegally acquired CdS’s will not get passports stamped either. Which makes my blood boil!


Yes, there is that downside unfortunately. However those entering via the ports, using their UK plated cars/vans one can but hope that this fact would be flagged up somewhere along the way. For instance, that the douanes would match the date of issue of the CDS/or equivalent to the vehicle registered owner date (or something like that). I don’t know but in this digital age some system must be possible? I’m sure it will evolve :crossed_fingers:t2:

On another forum there us a link to a communique issued by the EU and UK which lists which passports should and should not be stamped.

It’s clear that there is some confusion around about when a returning UK national’s passport should be stamped and when it shouldn’t, so here is an outline of the guidance that has been given by the European Commission to border guards. This specifically covers constitutive countries, of which France is one, and all the circumstances here apply until 30 June 2021.

  1. If you hold a new WA residence card: your passport should not be stamped.

  2. If you hold a previous EU carte de séjour, AND there is no evidence that you are no longer resident in France: your passport should not be stamped.

  3. If you hold a certificate of application for the new residence status issued under Article 18(1)(b) of the Withdrawal Agreement (the attestation d’enregistrement that you received when sunmitting your application on the online system): your passport should not be stamped.

  4. If you haven’t yet applied for your new residence status and don’t hold an EU carte de séjour AND you can provide evidence by other means that you exercised free movement rights in France before the end of the transition period and you continue to be resident there afterwards: your passport should not be stamped. There is no one specific document that will prove this, but it is suggested that documents showing your address in France and that you reside here (for example, tax documents, health care attestation etc) should be accepted.

  5. If you can’t provide any of the documentation in any of the above paragraphs: your passport will be stamped.

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I’m sure it will too.
As an aircraft owner (previously) I had to carry a certificate in the a/c to indicate it’s TVA (VAT) status otherwise the a/c would be impounded until either it was produced or the TVA due was handed over.
A similar position may well begin to develop for UK registered cars being imported into the EU - the Duane don’t mess about if they smell some revenue capacity and they armed to the teeth so difficult to argue with them… I regularly got checked at French airfields and asked for my papers to prove the TVA status. The a/c was on the US register so a clear target. UK reg a/c seemed not to be troubled in the period of FOM.
I think the same fate awaits the very expensive plastic floating about in EU ports waiting for repatriation to UK waters (and vice versa) @captainendeavour probably has a view on this aspect too.


@Sue Young - that’s a very interesting article, thank you. I hope that the French douanes go on the same customs training course as the American custom officers. They are certainly a force to be reckoned with and always made me feel sure that I must have inadvertently packed some dead animal stuffed full of cocaine in my luggage! Scary folks!


At the moment very few passports will be getting stamped as only returning French citizens or those with their primary residence in France are being allowed in :frowning:

Meanwhile, apparently karma is affecting one Brexit supporting supplier of, ahem, specialist products trying to get them exported (I think) via Calais.

Top paper, the Sunday Sport (yes, I am being ironic :slight_smile: )

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As per your buzzer, there’s got to be evidence on board to prove that VAT has been paid to some EU country, which includes UK, of course, up to Frightful Friday.

My Danish pal has this up on sticks in a boatyard on the east coast USA.

He hasn’t paid yard dues for years. In my time parking boats, if arrears got to my assessment of 60% of the value of the tub, lawyer time. But one way of another, if he makes landfall this side of the Atlantic he’s in for an eyewatering charge. He was thinking of coming into UK because VAT is cheaper than DK. But that won’t work now because he may have paid UK VAT but still get pinged for import duty if he takes it on to an EU port - see below.

Meanwhile, it’s all kicking off at Amazon. Same item. For once, same price .uk and .fr. But lo! We now see what we have not seen for 40-odd years - import dues!


If you squint, you can read the text. I like the bit where he says “the sex arses coming out of China are substandard and made by slave labour. My sex arses are all made by British craftsmen and so we can command a premium price”

You couldn’t make it up - but maybe they did.


Here you go, no squinting necessary :slight_smile:

I assume, given his comment “Naturally, French offials are refusing to understand what a ‘s** a***’ is but every minute lost for me is lost profit” means he got the commodity code wrong (perhaps this page can help him - Classifying toys, games and sports equipment for import and export - GOV.UK).

D’y remember, back-along when Princess Anne was in her 20/30’s she said that if she hadn’t been a princess an’ all she’d have fancied driving an HGV.

“Good afternoon miss. What’s your cargo?”
“Ones vehicle is loaded with 10,000 sex arses”
“Would one be good enough to show one these items?”
“Be ones guest - best quality British arses, d’y know…”
“But not by Royal Appointment, one presumes?”
"One understands ones male relatives make other arrangements "

Problems with a reflexive verb …


wtf is a sexarse?
no, don’t answer that.
The picture of M. Sexarse looks like it was taken in Wandsworth Nick…

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Gotta feel sorry for him, he’s gotta a real bum deal! :rofl:


Graham, you know you were asking me yesterday what it was that I couldn’t source in Europe? Well could it be…?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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An exemplar is available in the image for you to peruse - or just let your imagination roll :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

OK, Graham. You must have got it by now.

The next thing I want you to ask yourself is “Who does QC and does he have to test each one or is he allowed 1 in every X ?” I reckon it’s the bloke in the photo. Looks that way.

I don’t understand how people can do this? As it is illegal to be registered in two places, surely sooner or later they will be found out?

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There has never been a registration system for UK citizens in UK. No UK national has had to possess or carry around any document to establish their ID or any other matter. In that sense, no Brit can commit an offence by being in UK.

With FoM and no madatory requirement to register in either UK or FR, nobody was keeping tabs on who was going in or out and how long they stayed where, each time.

Snowbirding in southern europe has been widespread for years. The Spanish/French/Portuguese/Greek authorities not only turned a blind eye to the 90 days and register rule, they were happy that these people were there during the off-season.

Looks like that’s changing.

This will be the undoing of the fake residents. It is illegal to drive a car reg in country X if the driver is reg as res in country Y [except hire cars]. This has always been the case all across the EU, inc UK.

So M.Douane, being shown a CdS by a driver of a GB plated car will get very interested when he asks for the driver’s licence and is shown a GB one. Or if a FR one, what’s with the GB reg car?

In the days of FoM, it didn’t seem to matter too much. The Spanish occasionally had a crack-down on GB plated cars that had been doing the school run for years. Now, with a border to cross and ANPR systems all whirring away …