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Suivi Internationale, you can buy a carnet of these at any PO … Carnet de 5 étiquettes valables sur les envois de documents à destination du monde entier. A book of 5 stickers, valid for the entire world 14 euros !

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That’s impressive Ann… I do sometimes send a letter/card which would be worth “tracking” at these prices… :relaxed::relaxed:

It was the lady in my local PO who told me about these when she saw how many letters I had that needed ‘tracking’ for the UK. I had already sent a few registered and it was costing a fortune.
They are given priority and you can track them all the way !
I have also bought a carnet for France and at 4,80 for 12 its only 0,40 cents per letter !
Don’t forget to put your usual stamp on though !

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On checking bank statements after changing bank accounts I noticed my pension hadn’t gone in. Suspected POL cert hadn’t been received (by me) as OH had had one. I called DWP and they told me they had sent one to me and as I hadn’t returned it they had sent another, when that wasn’t returned they stopped payments. What I hadn’t realized was they had stopped the payments five months previously. The person I spoke to was very helpful and sent a new form via email and waited on the phone until it came into my inbox and he released all the withheld pension payments which came as a pleasant surprise. I printed the form off and returned it registered post.

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My word… 5 months without payments !! :thinking::upside_down_face:

Running a tight financial ship, I am in the habit of checking my finances on-line each morning… (only takes a minute) so it would have been obvious before the week was out, let alone 5 months. …:upside_down_face::grinning::grinning::grinning:

However, in your case… I am wondering why you did not receive their correspondence. Maybe the address the PoL Dept has for you, is incorrect in some way… were you able to check this over the phone/email…???

I reckon they should be sending by Registered Post… not you… :laughing::zipper_mouth_face:

Had you already declared the income to the French fisc? If so you might need to keep a ‘side note’ about it with your tax records if - sometime in the future - the fisc question the receipt of a large unexpected sum in your account.

Nice that someone was so helpful.
If ypu intend to vote in the UK. Elections make sure that you get your form in time.
We have had to scan ours to get it back in Time due to problems with the post.

All income duly declared as required. I don’t think the modest amount would raise a red flag!

I have had problems re non receipt of correspondence from DWP before. They do have the correct address and OH always receives whatever they send him. I spoke to DWP ages ago about something I hadn’t received and asked them how they sent it and they told me they use a courier, I don’t know how that works but it’s the only post I have ever had a problem with. I agree they should send by registered post or email.

We are registered for overseas voting but I emailed our LA elections office to check we were still on their list, no answer was the reply. I have sent another but again no reply, I will be phoning them on Monday.

Was just a thought rather than an accusation…

I didn’t think it was an accusation, I don’t know why you would have thought that :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Having read all the helpful responses above, I shall have a go with the Mairie next week (Never needed to before because I was to-ing and fro-ing to the UK and had an accountant friend there who signed my Life Certificate for me!)
However, I have a small question - I feel a bit nervous about asking people to sign a form that is not in French, having fallen over the requirement to have official translations of documents in other contexts. Has anyone encountered this as a problem with the Life Certificate or am I imagining a problem that doesn’t really exist?

Hi Angela…

Just a thought… take a copy… and on the Copy, in each section which needs completing by “the Mairie”, translate the English question…

That would give the Mairie the opportunity to see English v French… and once they understood… they could then complete the proper document correctly…

I talked the Secretaire through the first one… oh so many years ago… and now almost everyone knows the basics.

However, it is important the the correct information goes in the correct box and sometimes their enthusiasm needs holding in check… :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :hugs: so I watch her like a hawk and stop her doing anything in the wrong place…

It may depend on how well versed your particular mairie are in signing these forms. I haven’t had a problem but there are quite a few retired ‘ex-pats’ living in the area.

I’ll do it for a ‘tenner’. :grinning:

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Thank you Stella and Joyce. In theory there are quite a few Brits in the area but I’ve never encountered them and they may not be retired of course!
I’ll try the suggestion of a copy with the translation on in case…bright idea!

What’s wrong with using the certificat de vie which is accepted by the UK Pensions service?
cerfa_11753-02.pdf (121.4 KB)

Not every financial institution uses the same format…

If a bona fide someone provides their own form to be completed…personally… I just get it done and don’t attempt anything which might “confuse” the little dears… :relaxed: :relaxed:

That’s an interesting suggestion Graham. I shall try the Mairie first with the form as sent by DWP in case they are already familiar with it but I have downloaded the French equivalent and will keep that one in reserve. Thank you.

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