UK Pension Life Certificate signature

Who, apart from a Notaire, can sign a UK Pension Life Certificate.

My local Notaire wants 36 Euro to look at me, look at my ID and sign the form.

Last time I needed such a signature the Notaries did it for free.

Is there an equivalent of a JP, such as in the chemist, police station, in the UK or the Mairie in France?

Sureley the

We asked at the Mairie and the ‘Mayor’ himself signed the certificate and stamped it with the Mairie’s official stamp. No charge. We also had to return a recent utility bill? Daft but necessary.

Same for us. We’re only a small commune so the mayor’s secretary seems to know everyone. Took the form with our passports. She wrote passport details on form and told us to come back next day when the mayor would have signed them and put official stamp on. No problem.

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Excellent - thank you - as it happens I’m off to the Mairie now with my third attempt to get a simple building application approved.

Our Pharmacist signs and stamps ours.


The mayor does my OH’s.

If you mean the state pension; a retired police or fire officer (and presumably an armed services officer )can sign (giving their last headquarters details) - I confirmed this with the Pensions Service, as I have always signed for my ex-police neighbour , and he for me .

Alec… how did you get on… ???

Our Mairie always do our Proof of Life… so I hope your one helped you… :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Local pharmacist did ours.

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If it’s the state pension (OAP) just about anyone can sign. Like others, I get mine done by the local pharmacy because they’re open just about all the time, unlike our Mairie.

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Hi Stella

M. Le Maire was happy to sign my ‘Proof of life’ on the spot and wished me many happy more.

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Mine does as well and it is mentioned on the form that a Pharmacist is acceptable. My problem is getting it back to the U.K. in the Poste. Have to send it the equivalent of reply and it is not cheap. One year it got lost ordinary post and my pension got stopped for 2 moths.

Our Doctor does ours. For some reason he finds it hilarious that we have to confirm that we are not dead yet.


By what method do you send back to UK.???

… it is less than 2 euro when I send mine… first-class post.

We send ours Recommandé avec avis de reception - That way we can track them and, as on one occasion, tell the DWP, what day they received it and by whom (with some deciphering of the signature). very expensive at 5.50 euros.

DWP wrote to say they had not received PoL and would be stopping my payment in the next *** weeks.

An immediate phone call to the number on the letter… resulted in the situation being sorted… without any disruption to the pension payment…

I did ask the lady to check my OH’s position as he had sent his own PoL within a week of mine… she spoke with OH… and was able to confirm that his PoL had been received.

Anyway, I suggested I phone her… about 1 month after sending the next PoL back… just to check it has been received. :thinking:. but she felt this would not be necessary.

mmm… I’m not convinced, but at least the DWP do write and give Notice of payments stopping, which gives you/me/us time to sort the situation…

This is the first time that any of our many PoL’s has ever gone adrift… not bad I suppose… in the scheme of things…

Recommandé avec avis de reception! I am in a very rural area and some of the locals do not manage everything that is done in a more suburban area!

I live in a small village in the middle of nowhere. but I have a letterbox with my name clearly marked… so no problems with La Poste…

Same here, Dave. Did a few times at first then went Prioritaire and it got lost so back to the expensive route.