UK Pensions for Women - Period 1978 - 2010

Below is a link to an article by Martin Lewis regarding pension entitlement for those who took time off work to care for family between 1978 and 2020.


There’s also a window for all people you don’t have full contributions to top up. I lobbed in a request months ago and I’m waiting to hear back. It looks like the deal of the century.

I got this automatically when I applied for the state pension last year for the years I spent at home bringing up my two children before leaving for France. The french pension people now are also adding my years here bringing up the kids onto that one which starts in March next year.

I seem to recall I was automatically allowed 5 or was it 7 years, although I had stayed home until our child was 9 or 10 years old… so perhaps there is something due to me… very nice too, if so :wink:
but not holding my breath…

More information regarding women’s UK state pensions.