UK Press get's a bit ahead of itself

Curses, I’ve already had my head measured for the crown as well. :rage:

Now, if we could only reduce the list to zero, we could then elect President Charlie.
Of course, that relies on a Johnson 15 year voting reinstatement too. Again :rage:

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Add me too I thought, then OH reminded me that I did know - you remember, she said, she couldn’t go to Phils’ funeral. Think it must be a bloke thing, we’ve heard it but assigned the information into the totally irrelevant part of our tiny brains.

Mind you, she can remember things I haven’t even done yet :thinking::thinking:


Surely the Guardian was just being a bit tongue in cheek? It’s a baby which is always good news. And who knows maybe in forty years she will run for president. Maybe the guardian has a crystal ball!!

The Guardian has gone to the dogs !

Mais pas aux caniches !

Or perhaps, c’est plutôt la dégradation qui frappe !

I’d like to think they were trying to wind up their US readership, but Americans don’t tend to comprehend irony and the Grauniad lost its light touch a long way back. On the other hand, if I’d read this in the Daily Mail, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it…

Nobody thinks twice about what they read in the Daily Mail, that’s its shame and its power. However, I was surprised to read the comment about Americans and irony, Dr Haywood, do you really believe this? It’s such a stereotype and have you really found it born out in reality? Do you really think all English people are skilled in ironic banter? I know I have met the exceptions on both sides of the Atlantic.

Maybe I’m just being a bit over sensitive born from long years of conversations (or being talked at) about ‘you English of course are like such and such’.

Not only Americans, I have nicknamed my wife Buster (after Keaton, the Great Stone Face) because her expression can withstand any kind of humour.

Mind you I did manage to crack it a few moments ago by reading Deedee’s cat worming philosophy. :rofl:


I don’t know if the article was intended to wind-up Americans, but it seems my suggestion has wound-up one. Actually, it was just a flip remark and I don’t view Americans (nor the English) as some homogenous mass.

My mother was from Detroit and her parents were bootleggers during Prohibition (perhaps unwisely, they kept photographic evidence!). During my own career, I’ve worked in Boston, presented papers at places like the Chicago Art Institute and collaborated with American academic researchers. Lastly, I also read the NYT every morning because I believe it’s a far superior international newspaper to the poor old Grauniad.


Lovely thank you. I really didn’t need such detail but it’s great to know it was just an throw away remark!

I thought that I was alone to be dismayed by the Guardian’s creep to the right. Must be the new editor.

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