UK Press get's a bit ahead of itself

Apropos the latest royal baby…

‘Lilibet’ is the most senior royal in the current line of succession to be born overseas – and would be eligible to become US president.’

FFS! This is a direct quote, not from The Daily Mail or The Sun, but The Guardian!!! And the child’s less than a day old (deserves lots more exclamation marks, but I can’t be arsed).

Are they serious? to use the Queen’s IIRC in-family at home pet name ? after all they’ve done against its traditions?

Was there no one in the actress’s family they could have named it after instead?

What baby? Is there another one?

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Ngl, I came on here the second I heard the name, just to see who would be swivel-eyed raging like a brexiteer just told Angela Merkel would be the next queen of the U.K. and you’ve not disappointed me :rofl: Extra points for reference to ‘the actress’!

I’m actually going from being entirely disinterested in them, and all royalty, to actually rather liking them, purely due to how much they seem to be getting up some people’s noses just by living their lives.


What on earth are you all talking about?

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Sadly not cake. Cake is all I understand. :woman_shrugging::cake:

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Megan has had a new baby, they are going to call her “Lillybet Diana”.

People are up in arms for some reason, personally I think they should get a life - Lillybet sounds a very nice name and I strongly suspect they ran it past the Queen at least.


I’m trying hard to see if I give a monkeys…but I don’t.


I think people are missing the main point of my original post (obviously too oblique). I don’t give a damn about its name, but I do worry as to why there was mention of it being eligible to be a future Potus - the Guardian’s gone seriously downhill in recent years, but inclusion of this possibility, however remote, was just downright silly.

Similarly until Johnson renounced his US citizenship a couple of years ago (for tax reasons -money probs again!) I assume he would also have been eligible to run for Pres. There’s a counterfactual to ponder upon - though on the other hand, you hopefully have far better things to do…

It was perhaps an odd comment, but it is factually correct - any baby born on US soil is eligible for US citizenship and to run for President.

But the royal baby is among probably about 10,000 others similarly blessed who were born today.

I honestly can’t find it in me to get terribly excited about either the Guardian article, the birth itself (though obviously I wish neither Lillibet or her parents anything other than the best outcomes in life), or the fuss over her name.

Paul, I’m interested in deconstruction - was it included simply as a mildly intersesting factlet, or is it a reflection of some deeper, unspoken national desire across the press for the burgeoning of so-called ‘Global Britain’ (or alternatively revenge for Wallis Simpson!).

And what about the new bloody quasi-royal ‘yacht’ …? It’s first destination will be Fantasy Island.

However, as long as the £:€ rate remains stable, I couldn’t really care about the rest of it.


Honestly, I have no idea - interesting though it might be to speculate (much more interesting than the event itself, in fact).

<deity> knows. It seems to be a thing wanted by precisely no-one except Johnson who presumably wants it for jaunts and jollies for himself and Tory donors.

Now that I do care about - the very idea is obscene.

(After a little digging…)

I understood that Harry and Megan had withdrawn from royal life. Why is their latest child (to whom: best wishes for health and happiness) a “Royal Baby”?

I was going to ask the same question :smiley:


She can’t be anything else given her heritage - whatever her father’s choice about withdrawing from “royal life” she still has a position in the succession (8th I think).


Don’t know.
Is the protocol of royal lineage beyond their control or remit?

“You will have to be king:queen because those are the rules.”

The closer one considers the whole set-up, the more it comes to resemble something from Lewis Carroll


Add me to the “what, another one” list. Wasn’t even aware that she was pregnant :man_facepalming:

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Neither did I, you don’t think it was divine intervention do you Andrew? :astonished: :laughing:

Love the allusion to that lady in Bristol though (was it there?) I use that expression all the time now, accent and all, the last time was only yesterday. Had to explain it to my wife though. :laughing:

Regarding the line of succession, aren’t we all, those of European heritage anyway, in the running somewhere down that list? Going to have to go a lot further than Alec Guinness to get me to the top though. :wink: :rofl:

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It was at least 3 separate sticks to beat the woman with, which is the only reason I know. She was told not to travel to Phillip’s funeral because of her pregnancy so Harry went alone and people said she was disgraceful, Harry went back to the US straight after the funeral to be with her and people said she was disgraceful, and… I dunno, she dared to breathe probably and people said she was disgraceful… :woman_shrugging:


No, it’s a common myth - there is no such thing as “4 million and 41st” in line to the throne.

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