UK Radio

I usually like to wake up to BBC Radio 4 in the morning via my iPhone, however this morning I’m getting a repeated message saying:

"Due to rights restrictions, this part of the programme is unavailable."

With no further explanation.

Is anyone else experiencing similar?


Think I'll stick to my laptop, when there are 'gaps' switching to French stations and not adding more electronics to the household. Thanks for advice everybody anyway.

I have a small FM transmitter connected to my decoder that broadcasts the audio around the house/garden. It was originally used to broadcast to a set of headphones but I now just use normal FM radios. Unfortunately it is no longer available from the supplier (Lektropaks ?) but I did see something similar in a Radio Shack catalogue

Oh yes John, except one small technical detail. It is not next to my bed!

Just listen on your freesat decoder Brian. I guess one could even stream that to wifi if one was determined to listen on an inrenet device, ipod touch for example.

Because of Nick's question this morning I dared to try to ask the Beeb again. I got answer some time during the half hour we wer at luch, so within an hour. Here is what they said bar the platitudes and apologies bit:

'For some years it has been the policy of the BBC to use independent programme makers. The programmes are sometimes still the intellectual property of those companies, therefore for copyright reasons not all of them are available for transmission on electronic media. It is quite simply a case of where copyright holders do not release their programmes because downloading and reuse frequently occurs, we cannot transmit them. In such cases you may appreciate that these programmes are withheld from all Internet transmissions and not selectively to those outside the United Kingdom. Most of the programmes you are unable to listen to on the Internet will be available through Freeview transmissions where copyright issues are not as complicated and downloading less frequent.'

Excuse me! If I hold a high quality peice of sound recording equipment in front of my television then what? OK, but finally a reason why I get that inexplicable message, at least until now when I got a response from a human being, a BBC employee admittedly, rather than a standard bit of electronic gobbledigook one cannot put further layers of question to.

I also got a shorter, but nonetheless well intended, bit of blurb about the Olympic restrictions.

Tchohh! Honestly I don’t know why I bother not paying the licence fee!

I did send the IPlayer team an email about a quality issue earlier in the year, I did get a reply but it wasn't very quick and not that informative when it did arrive. Whether that was a typical reply or whether non UK listeners get pushed to the back of the queue I don't know.

I don't feel I really have grounds to complain, I don't pay a licence fee and don't pay UK taxes that support the BBC.

Yes, but Radio 4 is often not available for an hour or two here and there with that same message: 'Due to rights restrictions, this part of the programme is unavailable.' If they cannot tell me what that means in a short email response then fings ain't what they usta be. The Beeb was scrupulously efficiently until very recently.

You could always try using a proxy server if you are that desperate for "popmaster" (I had to use Google to find out what it was)

I presume you don't have Sky or Freesat ?

Thanks Steve - explains everything then - no popmaster for me then today either

JUst found this, it was a link from a comment about the Today prog not being available

Changes to BBC Radio online during London 2012 Olympics.

There are changes to the availability of BBC radio online during the London 2012 Olympics.

Due to rights restrictions, content broadcast from an Olympic venue during the Games will be available live and on demand in the UK only.

This will impact on all BBC radio stations periodically during the London 2012 Olympics, except in the following instances where there is significant coverage.

• BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra and BBC Radio 5 Live Olympics Extra will only be available to listen live and on demand in the UK.

• Radio 2's Chris Evans' Breakfast Show is broadcasting from the Olympics Park and will only be available to listen live and on demand in the UK.

• Live BBC Nations and Local Radio (with the exception of Radio Cymru) will only be available in the UK.

• Radio Cymru will remain available to UK and international users so that they are able to enjoy coverage of Wales' National Eisteddfod.

BBC Radio 5 live Olympics Extra - additional service during the Olympics

BBC Radio 5 live Olympics Extra, a temporary service for the Games, is now available on digital radio and online. It brings extra choice to listeners, offering extended commentary and a catch-up service through the night. BBC Radio 5 live and 5 live Olympics Extra together will allow listeners to follow the Games 24 hours a day.

I have had it periodically for at least two years, so the Olympic theory is not on. I have tried on at least six occasions, but the Beeb do not answer.

I was thinking may be the same thing Steve. Be nice to have a bit more info as to why. Let's hope it sorts itself out sooner rather than later.

My sister in Spain has lost her beloved BBC Radio Cambs that she listens to over the Net, am wondering whether it is anything to do with the Olympics ?

Yes this happened to me the other day as well on my internet radio.

It was very annoying and I waould have liked to know why.


Hmmm rather frustrating.
Ps I’ll have a look at your question this morning.

Yes, often. I have tried to find out from the Beeb but have never had an answer.