UK records

Just too be clear this is purely hypothical. If arrested in France, regardless of what for do they check with any UK criminal records that you may or may not have.

I dont have any just to clear that up!!

Given that you carry a UK passport and dependent upon the severity/nature of the offence, law enforcement agencies here might just check with Interpol or UK agencies to see if there are any outstanding issues/warrants etc. but as to whether they could/would take your antecedent history in the UK or elsewhere into account when sentencing is a matter for the relevant Judiciary - as to whether they would ever admit to taking anything revealed into account is an entirely unknown factor but on the basis that (say) a murderer convicted in another state is facing similar charges here, the law enforcement agencies would need to follow normal evidential rules on the newly presented case and not solely rely on antecedents - save perhaps for the premise that someone who has murdered before might have a propensity to do it again where, on the balance of probabilities, the evidence to support conviction may become more compelling.
Even if you get off… the French authorities might consider you “undesirable” and deport you.

The French police are not renowned for being cuddly types, so I imagine that they would automatically check if a foreigner had any outstanding warrants. There have been several high profile cases of absconding criminals being picked up because of minor offence elsewhere that caused people to check.

They would be less interested in past history unless a case goes to court when it would become relevant.

However, if you apply for nationality you do have to get a UK criminal check.

I think normally, if you are wanted for a more serious crime in the UK, you would be returned home to face that charge first - so I would expect the French Police to check.

Whether the same level of cooperation will exist post Brexit is one of those imponderables.

I somehow doubt it after a “no deal” brexshit

I dunno, maybe France will be keener to ship offenders and ex-offenders back across the channel?

more likely serve a sentence in France first then ship them back to blighty :wink: