Uk tax query

One of my pension companies have been taken over and the tax office have now put this payment on emergency tax. Have tried explaining it to them but they say their system won’t allow them to make changes to my tax code unless it is on the forms France sends to them??? Not sure how to explain this to France and get them to do this or whether it is correct information uk have given me. Any one can advise please

You sure they don’t mean Form France Individual from HMRC and did you complete one?

This form is available from the HMRC website, is in 2 parts - French and English, is completed in France and stamped by your French tax office. They keep the French version and you send the English on to HMRC.

Unless your pension is a UK Govt one which must be taxed in the UK, you should be allocated a No Tax code but any tax you have paid in the meantime will be refunded by HMRC (you can apply for such on the Form France Individual form).

Apologies if I misunderstood your requirement but your first port of call is probably HMRC for assistance. They are usually very helpful.

Yes I have done that and already been issued with a no tax code and things were working well until this change in pension company and now they have put me back on emergency tax code. I just dont understand why HMRC is telling me I need to do the form filling again because the pension comoany name has changed??

Is it HMRC telling you this directly or the new pension company telling you that HMRC have said so? There is a distinct difference.

But, that said, if HMRC have got the collywobbles, isn’t it just simpler to redo the forms and submit them to comply?