Uk telecom

Hi there.. as part of setting up our new place in LODEVE I need a phone line and broadband... the default appears to be FRENCHTELECOM/ORANGE but UKTELECXOM have some great deals to does anyone have any experience of them?

and this reply confirms my own research thanks again...

Hi Pete, we signed up with UK Telecom 3 years ago and very happy with them. We first moved to the Languedoc and have Orange in our Languedoc flat....but went with UK Telecom when we moved here to the Dordogne because they offered iplayer as part of the package...not unlimited use of iplayer..about 1.5 hours a day...but there are ways around it. They have been an excellent reliable provider...over 3 years...touching wood here...not had any problems. They have a telephone number to ring if anything goes wrong and they are small enough that you end up talking to people you know! having so said...Ive only contacted them three times in three overall...yep...delighted with them.

We are with Orange and get broadband and internet phone (free calls to everywhere other than mobiles, including UK 08 numbers) for 37euro a month (inclusive of line charge). If you refuse to have an additional land line - they will try the hard sell on this, but you really do not need one - you can keep your original phone number rather than having an 09 number. When requesting the service tell them that you have been offered this price by another company, they tend to match other offers.