UK trailer registrations to get Carte Gris

We have a second hand Ifor Williams horse trailer in the UK that we wish to bring to France. It is a 2005 model and believe that we need to get a C o C in order to get a Carte Gris here in France. Most of the forums I have read relate to new trailers or those under a specific weight limit which clearly do not relate to my situation.

My question is, when I go to the prefecture (probably Montauban as we live in Dept 82) to get the Carte Gris what other paperwork do I need and where do I take the trailer? I know it needs to be inspected to ensure it matches the paperwork, but do not think for one moment that they will want a horse trailer parked in the centre of Montauban blocking the road! According to Ifor Williams UK the C o C will cost £190 or 250€ and approx 50€ to get the Carte Gris. Has any one any experience of this and how long it is likely to take?

Many thanks to all in advance

@cat do you remember?

Hi Allison
From memory the C de C came pretty swiftly and I certainly didn’t take the trailer with me to the prefecture. I’ve registered three trailers and never been asked to do that!
My top tip - put everything you might need document wise and a few extras ( marriage certificate, grannies co-op book, Grade 3 recorder certificate) in a see through plastic folder as it makes you look super effiecient ( you can add paper clips for extra points!) and the prefecture staff are less likely to reject your demand if they are slightly frightened by your apparent efficiency. good luck!


Sorry just seen the bit about other paperwork - you will need a utilities bill of less than three months old and proof of ID, so photocopy of your passport. And possibly copy of insurance. And fill the ‘demande de carte grise’ in beforehand to save time and hassle when you get there.

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Thanks for the info Catherine, thats very helpful. A friend has told me that there are a few things that might need to be changed on the trailer like the position of the spare wheel and the lighting and reflector sequence on the rear as they asked her to do that when she did hers. Have you any thoughts on that?

The trailer is an Ifor Williams 505 2005 model.

We never had to do any of that. We had the same model. Depends on the ‘jobsworth’ factor though. One widget told us it was absolutely impossible and was never going to happen. We told her to speak to her colleague who did our last one and it was suddenly fine…

Go for paperwork overload and borrow some screaming kids if you can, that usually speeds things up.

Thank you so much for your help. Fingers crossed all goes well! I will leave a reply when it is all completed so others can use my experience. It may be a month or so, but I will ensure to update this thread.

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